Massey lists Vanderbilt among favorites

Jonathan Massey (TE, Gautier, MS) - One of the South's fastest rising tight end prospects has added two schools to his "favorite" list, which includes Vanderbilt University.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Massey:

Which camps did you get a chance to attend this summer? "Well, I went to the combine at Tulane. Our team also went to the Hoover 7 on 7 tournament last weekend. And as far as college camps, I went to Ole Miss' and LSU's."

How did Gautier fare at the Hoover combine? "We did not win a game, but there was some great competition out there. It was a great experience."

Which colleges are keeping in contact with you? "Ole Miss is the one that is sending me the most stuff, by far. Them, LSU, and Vandy. Those three recruit me the hardest. And Clemson, put them in there with those three. I still have the same offers. That is pretty much about it."

Who all has offered? "Ole Miss, MSU, USM, and Vandy have given me written offers. LSU and Clemson have given me a verbal offer."

Do you have a leader? "Everybody is pretty much about even, but I have to give Ole Miss the slight advantage. It is still pretty much Ole Miss."

What do you like about Ole Miss? "I really like their coaching staff. I like their facilities. They are really showing me that they are interested in me. I really like that. I just like how they keep in contact with me."

After Ole Miss? "I still have the same schools. Ole Miss, FSU, LSU, and I would put Clemson on that list also."

When did Clemson come into the picture? "I like the position they want me to play. They want me at tight end, but I like how they are going to use me. They want me to come in and spread me out and play me like a wide receiver. And Vanderbilt has a nice position for me to play. They want me to play H Back, where I would be playing out of the backfield. I would play a combination of tight end and wide receiver. That sounds really good to me. I would round out my top schools with Vanderbilt."

Are you hearing from any new schools? "I have been getting a lot of letters from Memphis, Nebraska, Iowa, Army, Navy, and Auburn has been writing me a lot lately. Alabama has too."

Which colleges do you call on your own? "I call FSU, Ole Miss, LSU, Vandy, and Clemson. I think those are the only ones I have called."

What is FSU telling you? "They keep in contact with me. They write and call me a lot. When I call them, we talk about how my brother (Mario Edwards) is doing, and then we talk about me playing tight end for them. They want to start utilizing their tight end a lot more in their offense. They think I would be a good fit for their offense."

Do they ever discuss your scholarship status with you? "No, they have never told me anything like that."

Do you have any plans to attend any games this fall? "I would like to catch a game of Ole Miss', FSU, LSU, and maybe MSU. I want to go to some of the ones who are close to home."

Do you have some interest in MSU? "Well, yea, I like them a little. I would not mind taking a trip there to get to know them a little better."

Jonathan carries a 3.5 GPA and a 23 on the ACT.

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