Vanderbilt leads for lightning fast cornerback

One of the fastest cornerback prospects in the southeast lists Vanderbilt as a favorite. Find out who else is interested in this speedy cover man and what this fine prospect likes about Vanderbilt.

CB Marquez Hall (5-8, 150, 4.33)
Tuskegee, AL (Booker T Washington HS) Please tell us some of your junior season highlights and honors.
Marquez Hall: I rushed for 1,200 yards on 93 carries. I had 14 touchdowns, 60 tackles and 3 interceptions. I was named to the All-Metro team by the Montgomery Advertiser. I was one of the only two juniors to be named to that team. What schools are currently recruiting you?
Marquez Hall: I have offers from Vanderbilt and Jacksonville State. I have a whole bunch of letters though. I was looking through my drawer today and thought, "Gosh!." Vanderbilt, Louisville is coming on strong; Southern Miss, Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, Clemson, Middle Tennessee State, Alcorn State, Alabama State, Tuskegee, and Alabama. That's all I can think of right now. What schools do you think you are leaning towards right now?
Marquez Hall: I'm leaning towards Vanderbilt right now. What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Marquez Hall: I haven't had a chance to see the campus; coach says he's going to try to get me up there. I know they have a nice weight room and a nice field. I like Nashville and the campus. I've seen the campus from like a distance, when coming through. Vanderbilt is a good academic school too. I think they graduated 100% of their football players a couple years ago and 90% this past year, so that's good too. I looked in the database and saw that you were listed with a 4.33 forty speed. Is this a typo?
Marquez Hall: Yeah, I ran a 4.3. Actually it was a 4.32. I ran it at a camp in Georgia. Impressive. When do you plan on visiting Vanderbilt?
Marquez Hall: Whenever I get a chance. I'm going to try to come down on a Saturday night to a Vanderbilt game. We have games on Friday night so I can come up on a Saturday morning, tour the campus and then watch the game on Saturday night. What coach is recruiting you for Vanderbilt?
Marquez Hall: Coach [Charlie] Fisher. What are the Vanderbilt coaches telling you as far as how you'd be utilized at Vanderbilt?
Marquez Hall: They tell me that I'm an impact player that can come in and help them right now. I probably can start at corner and play some special teams and help out. I'm a good cover corner; they like how I cover. I have good speed and agility. When do you plan on making a college choice?
Marquez Hall: I'm going to make my choice after football season. After football season I'll most definately know where I'm going to go; who I'm going to commit to. How did your high school team end up last season?
Marquez Hall: We finished 5-5. Our last game of the season we were down 13-7 in the fourth quarter; two minutes left on the clock. This game decided who went to the playoffs. We had the ball first-and-goal on the 1-yard-line. The quarterback called a 26 power. The other running back was a senior; I was like, "since you're a senior, do you want to run the ball?" He was like, "yeah." Me and him switched spots. I was going to lead into the hole and hit whoever came in there. The play started and I went into the hole and hit a guy and was like "Where's he at [the senior RB]?" Him and the quarterback had had a bad exchange and fumbled the ball. The opponent recovered and ran out the clock. We lost the game, 13-7, and didn't make the playoffs. Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. Sounds like you did your best. Maybe this season you guys will do better.
Marquez Hall: Yeah, I'm looking forward to the season. We just finished two-a-days last week. We had a scrimmage yesterday. Marquez, I enjoyed talking to you. It sounds like you have a great future ahead of you. We wish you the best of luck in making your college choice.
Marquez Hall: Thanks.

View video of Marquez Hall in action:

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