J.D. Lott talks with VandyMania

J.D. Lott is a talented 3-Star tight end/ defensive end prospect from Briarwood Christian High School in Birmingham, Ala. VandyMania spoke with J.D. about his accomplishments on the field and his recruitment by 11 SEC schools.

DE J.D. Lott
(Briarwood Christian HS)
Birmingham, AL

VandyMania.com: Tell us about some of your sophomore and junior season stats and postseason honors.
J.D. Lott: My sophomore season we won the State Championship. That season I had 65 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 batted balls, 1 interception, and 3 blocked punts. That season I started at defensive end most of the season and then in the playoffs I moved to middle linebacker. I played that position in all the playoffs, including the State Championship and I caused a fumble in that game. My junior year I led the team in tackles with 95, 5 sacks and 2 batted balls. Pretty much the same stats as my sophomore year other than my tackles. Last year I played pretty much all defensive end, a little bit of middle linebacker. I play middle linebacker when someone gets hurt, they've never taught it to me, I just go over there and play when needed. Maybe this year they'll teach me how to play middle linebacker.

VandyMania.com: So is that what you are going to play in college?
J.D. Lott: Well, right now, I talked to Vandy today and they say they are very weak on the defensive line. They need me to come in and earn a position and maybe start right away at defensive end but I could end up being a fullback, tight end or H-back. LSU is the only other team recruiting me as just a tight end.

VandyMania.com: So you play tight end on offense and defensive end and linebacker on defense?
J.D. Lott: Yes sir.

VandyMania.com: So LSU and Vanderbilt have offered you?
J.D. Lott: Yes sir.

VandyMania.com: What other schools are actively recruiting you?
J.D. Lott: Pretty much every SEC school other than South Carolina. The heaviest probably would be Auburn, Tennessee, the two that have already offered me; Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama a little bit; Florida and Georgia.

VandyMania.com: Which of those schools do you think you are leaning towards now?
J.D. Lott: It's been LSU but I'm really getting closer and closer towards Vanderbilt. LSU says I have a chance to come in there and play early. I don't know how sure that is, of course. I just want to take it slow. I don't want to wait to long, I want to get my decision over with. Right now it's obviously just between those two schools. I'd be happy with either one of them right now.

VandyMania.com: What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
J.D. Lott: I love the city of Nashville. The coaching staff is really great. There's a chance that I could start early and get a lot of playing time in. The education.

VandyMania.com: Have you visited Vanderbilt?
J.D. Lott: Yes sir, I went to the camp on June 5th.

VandyMania.com: What coach is recruiting you from Vanderbilt?
J.D. Lott: Coach [Charlie] Fisher.

VandyMania.com: So defensive end is where you'd likely play at Vandy?
J.D. Lott: Yes, even though right now I'm only about 215-220, they really don't care. They just want me as a speed defensive end and they know that I can gain weight because I just turned 17, so I'm young for my grade. They want a speed defensive end so that is what they are recruiting me as.

VandyMania.com: So when are you planning making a college choice?
J.D. Lott: I want it to be within the next few months but it keeps getting harder and harder. I thought I was leaning towards Vandy for a while but I switched to LSU once they offered. But now, with Vanderbilt, I know that I could probably earn a position there early. It just keeps getting harder and harder.

VandyMania.com: Is school distance a factor in your decision?
J.D. Lott: LSU is a good 6 1/2 or 7 hours drive. You can make it to Vanderbilt within 2 1/2 hours. My girlfriend, she goes to college at David Lipscomb.

VandyMania.com: So is that a factor too, being close to your girlfriend?
J.D. Lott: Yeah, that does factor into it but if I do go to LSU she's already said she'd come down there.

VandyMania.com: So you said your team (Briarwood Christian) won the State Championship your sophomore season, how did you do last season?
J.D. Lott: My sophomore season we won it, we had a really good team. We were just lacking senior leadership last season and we ended up going 6-5. We lost in the first round of the playoffs. We'd never had a season like that. It was unusual. This year we have 10 out of 11 defensive starters are seniors. Most of the offensive starters are seniors, so it's going to be a good senior led team. We should be able to compete this year for another State Championship.

VandyMania.com: J.D. it sounds like you have a great future ahead of you. We wish you the best of luck in your senior season and in making your college choice. Thanks for your time.
J.D. Lott: Thank you.

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