Football: Tuesday practice highlights

The Vanderbilt Commodore football team practiced again Tuesday concentrating again on individual position drills and progressing to 11 on 11 offense vs defense drills. Here are some highlights of the practice:

  • Head Coach Johnson gave gold jerseys from Saturday's scrimmage to Dan Stricker, Robert Dinwiddie, and Cheron Thompson.
  • The team conducted the Gauntlet for the second time this spring. Ryan Cuffee had a couple of good hits during this drill.
  • In one of the first passes during full team drills, Dan Stricker landed awkward and was helped off of the field. He returned to the field later with his arm wrapped like he had injured his shoulder.
  • The 11-on-11 drills started sloppy for the offense. There were several blown assignments and bad execution that upset the coaches. At the same time an offensive coach was yelling at the offense for messing up, a defensive coach was yelling at the defense for not celebrating with a player after a good play.
  • Later, a linebackers coach could be heard yelling at his players for several missed assignments when the offense got back on track. After a few plays the coach took the player out and made him do up-downs.
  • During the 11-on-11 Ronald Hatcher had two good runs and Ryan Cuffee had a long run on a wide receiver screen for a touchdown.
  • The play of the 11-on-11 that got the offense most excited was fullback Zeke Brandon running straight up the middle for a 40 yard touchdown run.
  • Tuesday was the best weather yet and the longest practice.
  • After several mistakes at the beginning of the 11-on-11 drills, Coach Johnson yelled that they would start practice over if things didn't change. That is when the offense started to turn things around. Top Stories