Monster wide receiver names Vandy in top 5

This wide receiver is big, he's fast and he's mean. His main goal is to kill defensive backs and win. VandyMania talked with this versatile prospect who can play a number of positions at the next level.

TE, Jonathan Massey
(Gautier HS) Pascagoula, Miss. What is the primary position you play? Do you play any other positions?
Jonathan Massey: Primarily I'm a wide receiver right now. I'm also going to be playing a lot of tight end. I'm the backup quarterback and I'm the punter. Wow! You are a pretty versatile guy, huh?
Jonathan Massey: Yeah. You are a big wide receiver aren't you? 6-2, 245?
Jonathan Massey: Yeah [laughter]. You killing some defensive backs?
Jonathan Massey: Yeah [laughter], trying to. Can you tell us some of your junior season highlights and postseason honors?
Jonathan Massey: I had 47 catches for 705 yards and 7 touchdowns. I made the All-State team and All-South State. What do you feel is your biggest strengths as a player?
Jonathan Massey: Being physical. What schools are currently recruiting you?
Jonathan Massey: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Clemson, LSU, and Florida State. I just started getting letters from Nebraska, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Memphis, Kansas State, Who has offered you scholarships?
Jonathan Massey: I have four written ones from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and Vanderbilt. I've got two verbals from Clemson and LSU. What schools do you think you are leaning towards right now?
Jonathan Massey: I'd say my top 5 right now would be Ole Miss, LSU, Florida State, Clemson and Vanderbilt. What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Jonathan Massey: It being a prestigous university. Coach [Kenny] Carter was telling me that about the positions that they want me to come in and play. They are talking about getting early playing time. I haven't actually been in Nashville before but I hear it is an exciting place to be. . . and playing in the SEC. That's a great league. So do you plan to visit Vanderbilt?
Jonathan Massey: I haven't planned a visit but I'd like to. When did your high school team start practicing?
Jonathan Massey: We started on August 1. We have a preseason game next Friday coming up. You excited?
Jonathan Massey: Yeah, finally have a game to look forward to on Friday. Kill some more defensive backs, huh?
Jonathan Massey: Yeah, [laughter]. Jonathan, it sounds like you are an outstanding player. We wish you the best of luck during your senior season and in making your college choice. Thanks for your time.
Jonathan Massey: Thank you.

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