South Carolina defensive lineman talks recruiting

He's big and strong with great quickness. He had 22 tackles for loss as a junior. He's being recruited by multiple SEC schools including Vanderbilt. Find out how this prospect feels about Vanderbilt and his strengths on the field.

DT Kenny Scott (6-2, 290, 5.10 forty)
Anderson, S.C. (T L Hanna HS) What is the primary position you play? Do you play any other positions?
Kenny Scott: Defensive tackle. I also play offensive tackle. Can you tell us some of your junior season stats, highlights and postseason honors?
Kenny Scott: 77 tackles, 22 of them for loss. Has your team played yet this season?
Kenny Scott: This is our first game week and I think we are going to have a good team. The last two years we have been 11-2 and we hope to better on that this year. What do you feel is your biggest strengths as a player?
Kenny Scott: I'd say I have pretty good vision on the field. As soon as the ball is snapped I can tell where it is going to go. What schools are currently recruiting you?
Kenny Scott: Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Maryland, LSU, and Tennessee. Who has offered you scholarships?
Kenny Scott: LSU, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. What schools do you think you are leaning towards right now?
Kenny Scott: I'm not really sure. I'm not going to play favorites just yet. I'm going to focus on the season a little bit. What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Kenny Scott: The team is getting better and better each year. They have the same coaching staff that Furman had and that staff took Furman to the National Championship game. That's what I like about them . . . and they have a great college, education wise. What coach is recruiting you from Vanderbilt?
Kenny Scott: Coach Cain. How are they telling you you'd be utilized at Vandy?
Kenny Scott: I'm pretty sure it's defensive line. When do you plan on making a college choice?
Kenny Scott: I'm not sure yet, I guess at the beginning of September. You go to T. L. Hanna, the school that was featured in the movie "Radio," have you met the guy the movie was about?
Kenny Scott: I haven't met him but I've seen him there. Did they actually film it in Anderson?
Kenny Scott: It wasn't actually filmed in Anderson. It was filmed near here in a smaller town that was more like it was here back when Radio was younger. Because our town has grown since then it wouldn't be that realistic.

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