Melrose' Michael Carter names Vandy in top 2

Several schools have already offered scholarships to Memphis-Melrose star Michael Carter, including an SEC school. Carter has named Vanderbilt as one of his top two schools but is still awaiting an offer from the Vanderbilt staff. Read on to find out more about this fine prospect.

DL Michael Carter (6-3, 275, 4.9 forty)
Memphis, Tenn. (Melrose HS) What is the primary position you play? Do you play any other positions?
Michael Carter: Defensive tackle and left tackle on the offensive line. I heard you had a big night the other night, you had what? 9 tackles?
Michael Carter: Yes, 9 tackles and 2 sacks. Can you tell us some of your junior season stats, highlights and postseason honors?
Michael Carter: I had 92 tackles, 16 sacks, and 52 quarterback hurries. You said 52 quarterback hurries?
Michael Carter: Yes. Wow, that's incredible. I don't think I've ever heard of a player getting that many.
Michael Carter: [laughter] So you guys won the other night I take it, how'd your team do?
Michael Carter: Oh yes, we won 14-0 against Briarcrest. What do you feel is your biggest strengths as a player?
Michael Carter: My ability to read the offenses very quickly. I fly off the ball and have quick feet and I'm pretty strong. What schools are currently recruiting you?
Michael Carter: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, South Carolina, TSU. There's a bunch. Who has offered you scholarships?
Michael Carter: Arkansas State, TSU and Ole Miss. What schools do you think you are leaning towards right now?
Michael Carter: Probably Vanderbilt and South Carolina. What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Michael Carter: The coaching staff, the facilities are really nice, a great campus. Seems like a great school. What are some of the things you like about South Carolina?
Michael Carter: I haven't actually visited there yet but from what I can tell they have a new coach so maybe a lot of things have changed. What coach is recruiting you from Vanderbilt?
Michael Carter: Coach Turner and Coach Belin. How are they telling you you'd be utilized at Vandy?
Michael Carter: On the defensive line. When do you plan on making a college choice?
Michael Carter: I'm probably not going to make my choice until later in my senior season. Michael, thanks for your time. Sounds like you have an outstanding senior season ahead of you. Good luck in making your college choice.
Michael Carter: Thank you. Top Stories