Top Kentucky prep star speaks highly of VU

VandyMania has learned that one of the top prep prospects in the state of Kentucky speaks highly of Vanderbilt and is strongly considering the Commodore staff's offer of a scholarship. Read on to find out what this prospect likes about Vandy and what other schools he is considering.

S Leonard Gordon (5-11, 195, 4.75 forty)
Fort Campbell, Ky. (Fort Campbell HS) What is the primary position you play?
Leonard Gordon: Safety. I'm playing quarterback too this year but I'm being recruited as a safety. Can you tell us some of your junior season stats, highlights and postseason honors?
Leonard Gordon: I had 128 tackles, 5 ints, 18 passes broken up, and three touchdowns. This preseason I was ranked #4 in the state and on the Tremendous 26 team. Has your team played yet this season?
Leonard Gordon: Yes sir, we played our first game this past Friday and we ended up winning 28-8 over Paducah Tillman. How did you do in that game?
Leonard Gordon: I did alright. I didn't start at quarterback because I had a little injury earlier in the week. I did start at free safety. I ended up getting 12 tackles. What do you feel is your biggest strengths as a player?
Leonard Gordon: My biggest strength is just being smart on the field and knowing how to read offenses. I think playing quarterback has helped me out a lot, seeing both sides of the ball. I'm able to pick up offensive formations pretty well, kind of knowing what they are going to run before they run it. What schools are currently recruiting you?
Leonard Gordon: Vandy definitely, I just got one from Notre Dame. Duke, West Virginia, LSU, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Ball State and Penn State. They've all offered. What schools do you think you are leaning towards right now?
Leonard Gordon: I don't see myself as leaning towards anyone right now. I'm pretty much getting close to my final decision. Vandy is definitely up there; Notre Dame is up there, LSU. I definitely want to get it down but hopefully I will be able to commit some time during the season. I'm just going to take my time in making my decision. What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Leonard Gordon: Academically I feel like they are one of the top schools in the nation. Academics, and you get a chance to play SEC football. It's one of the best conferences in America. I think academically and athletically they provide a lot. Notre Dame is offering the same there academically and athletically, and Duke. Those schools, all three, I'm definitely considering because of academics. There is always life after football. Having that academic aspect while I'm playing football, I think that's great. What coach is recruiting you from Vanderbilt?
Leonard Gordon: Coach Johnson, he has written me a few times. Pretty much just the whole coaching staff. I'm excited and they are excited. I still plan on getting up there one of these Saturdays. Hopefully, I'd like to get up there before the season so I could see the facilities and everything and then I plan on making a game or two. How are they telling you you'd be utilized at Vandy?
Leonard Gordon: Either as a safety or strong safety. When do you plan on making a college choice?
Leonard Gordon: I would love to make a choice as soon as possible and focus on winning the State Championship with my team, but I just want to take my time and do what is right for me. How long has your family been at Fort Campbell?
Leonard Gordon: Eight years, so I've been blessed to stay in one spot for a while. Where is your family originally from?
Leonard Gordon: Ocala, Fla. Leonard, thanks for your time. We wish you the best of luck in making your college choice and in your senior season.
Leonard Gordon: Thank you.

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