Domonic Hopson is feeling the heat

Domonic Hopson (LB, Pascagoula, MS) - We were able to catch up with one of the top linebacker prospects in the Magnolia state.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Domonic Hopson:

How did your offseason go? "It went great. I feel like I improved on a lot of things."

What most did you improve on? "Reading the guards. Coach has been telling me to focus on the guards because they will tell me where the play is going. During two a days, I did just that, and almost 90% of the time the guards gave the play away. I feel like I am almost cheating now."

Which college camps did you attend this summer? "I just went to Ole Miss'. I still have Ole Miss, USM, MSU, Rice, and Vandy as offers though. I have not gotten anymore."

Which coaches have you personally called recently? "Vandy is still on me real hard. They write and tell me to call them. My brother goes to Rice, and I call them a lot. Those two schools are really the only ones I stay in contact with a lot. But Vandy is on me real hard."

Is Vandy recruiting you the hardest? "Yea, Coaches Kenny Carter and Beland (LB coach) write me messages like every day and call almost every day. They got their 2 linebacker commitments to start calling me this summer. They both call me every week. They want me to join them. I get 3 handwritten letters every day from Vandy. They never miss a day."

Who is coming after you the hardest after Vandy? "Ole Miss, most definitely."

Which coaches have you developed a tight bond? "I went up to Ole Miss and just loved their staff. They are all so excited and the atmosphere is real exciting. They keep you up and hyped. But Coach Carter is the same way at Vandy. Coach Bowen (Rice) recruited my brother. I probably have the best relationship with Coach Bowen and then Coach Luke (Ole Miss) and then Coach Carter (Vandy)."

Any plans to attend some college games this fall? "I do not have any specific games on tap, but I know for a fact I am going to a MSU game. My coach went to MSU and Tennessee. He is from Tennessee. Coach will be taking me to the games, so I go where he goes. I know I can get to a LSU or USM game on my own. It is so close to home. It will be hard for me to get to Vandy. I have already been up to Ole Miss a couple of times. I have seen what I need to see up there. I know my mom is going to want me to see one of my brother's (Rice) games, but we will have to split up."

Is there any family pressure for you to join your brother at Rice? "Yea, mom does because it would make it a lot easier on her if she could travel to one school and see us both play, instead of going to two schools. But my brother, he just tells me to go to the place where I will have the best opportunity to play. If it is Rice, so be it, but if it is another school, that is where I need to be. I know my mother would like to see me sign with Rice, but she is not putting any pressure on me."

When do you plan to set up your official visits? "I do not know. I will go to a couple of games with my coach. He told me he would take me to a game of all of the teams that have offered me. If he takes me, then I will not have to use one of my official visits with that school. He told me that was the best thing to do unless it was with a team I was going to sign with. I might as well take an official with them if that were the case."

Hopson carries a 3.6 GPA and a 22 on the ACT.

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