Postgame Interview: Ryan King

Senior Ryan King helped provide an outstanding wall of protection all night for quarterback Jay Cutler. VandyMania spoke with Ryan outside the locker room after the game.

VandyMania: Ryan, what were you thinking in the third quarter when Dustin Dunning made that big catch and rumbled down the field knocking some Wake guys out of his way?
Ryan King: Dustin is a great player, he really came to play. He's got unbelievable hands. He's a good guy to go to in the clutch and a great guy to have on your team. I'm proud of him and glad he's on my side.

VandyMania: He made a couple other catches too huh?
Ryan King: Yeah, he made a couple other catches, they weren't all for big yards but they were tough catches and he played great today.

VandyMania: What was on your mind in the fourth quarter when you fell behind? What was running through your minds?
Ryan King: We probably had in the back of our minds, "We are not known as a fourth quarter team," probably started getting worried but we are a very close team. We are all close to each other. We pulled through. It's just a great feeling. We know that Kwane Doster was up there looking down on us and helping us out. I can't even describe how good I feel now. It's a really good thing. I'm so happy to be 1-0. So happy to be a part of Vanderbilt football.

VandyMania: What did Coach Johnson say to you guys after the game?
Ryan King: Well, there was a lot of hooting and hollering. You know we were all really excited. He told us he was proud of us. He told us that despite getting the win that we can play even better. We are not going to be satisfied playing at this level all season. We are going to try to pick it up every week and hopefully we'll get a lot more of these victories.

VandyMania: What's the plan now heading into next week against Arkansas?
Ryan King: We haven't looked at Arkansas at all. Right now we are going to worry about celebrating this win and once we get back to Nashville we'll start watching tape on them and getting ready. The way this game is feeling right now is pretty good. We've got some confidence and that's important. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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