Wake Forest Photo Gallery 3

Here's more photos of the big win at Wake Forest including photos of the pre game alumni gathering.

Gordon Gee

Vanderbilt alumni gathering.

One of the greatest pass-and-catch combinations in Vanderbilt history, Charley Horton (left) and Don Orr.

Gee gave a humorous talks to the Vanderbilt crowd.

Groves Stadium.


Jared Fagan and Reshard Langford in pursuit.

Herdley Harrison (4), Ralph McKenzie (95) and Chris Booker (46) in action.

Marlon White.

Josh Eames (78) blocks while Erick Davis (2) gets ready to catch the ball (top).

More action.

Jay Cutler turns the corner.

Offense celebrates Jennings second touchdown.

Scoreboard looking good.

Defense putting the pressure on late in the game.

Wake quarterback Benjamin Mauk on the run.

It's over! Vanderbilt wins, 24-20.

Players thank the fans.

Photos by Linda Yates for VandyMania.com

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