Saturday's heroes: Marlon White

Vandy wide receiver Marlon White is not afraid to go over the middle. He's not afraid to attempt the clutch pass for a touchdown, which he did twice in Saturday's victory over Arkansas. But there is one thing that frightens White... and in this postgame interview, he reveals what it is.


Receiver Marlon White spoke with the press after Vandy's 28-24 win over Arkansas. The Macon, Ga. native finished the game with 5 catches, 55 receiving yards, two touchdown catches, and a catch for a 2-point conversion.

Q: Marlon, you had two touchdown catches. Could you talk about both of them? They were both hugs.

A: I just got real big-eyed, real starry-eyed, when I saw the ball in the air. I knew that I was going to come down with it.

Q: Which time?

A: Both times. The last time, I don't even remember, because when I saw the ball in the air, I'm like, it's game time, you know what I'm saying?

Q: Have you ever caught the winning touchdown pass in a game before, in high school or anything?

A: I can't even remember. Probably not in high school, not in that fashion. No.

Q: Marlon, when you guys looked at the schedule, it was at Wake, then at Arkansas. Most people said if you'd been offered to come out of that 1-1, you would have taken that. To go 2-0, just describe what that means for the program.

A: It just feels so good-- even though we pretty much expected to win both of them. But it feels pretty good. We literally had to have those two wins.

Q: How much did that Wake Forest game come into tonight?

A: We had to battle in that Wake Forest game too. We looked back into those reserves or whatever. We thought about it, and we knew we could put it up.

Q: Last year when you had a final drive like that, there seemed to be some hesitance from some of the players. It didn't appear that way last week or this week. What's the difference between a late drive this year and a late drive last year?

A: Ummm... confidence? We're very confident. We've been preaching all summer that we're going to seal the deal in the fourth quarter... and we're doing it. They've been mashing it into our heads all summer, all spring and all winter.

Q: Could you replay that last play for us?

A: They called the slant play, so I knew someone was going to be open. When I came open, I didn't see nothing but Cutler's eyes, and I knew it was going to be on the money.

Q: Michael Coe tried to pressure you a lot tonight. Do you see that as a sign of disrespect?

A: No, that's what they're taught to do. They just do what their coach tells them to do. I don't know if they give them a choice or not, but it's all good. It's part of the game. He was in my face on the last play.

Q: This group of seniors seems to be providing great leadership this year. Who on the offense besides Jay are the real leaders? The guys that fire you up and get you ready to play?

A: Trey Holloway, he's very vocal. Herdley Harrison, Moses Osemwegie... all of the seniors are vocal. They stay in the ears of us younger guys, making sure we're doing what we're supposed to do.

Q: What kind of a statement does a win over Arkansas at Arkansas make about the state of the Vanderbilt program?

A: Yeah, nobody expected this. I think we made a statement. Nobody expected us to come to Arkansas and beat Arkansas. I don't think anybody even remembers the last time we had an SEC road victory. Nobody thought they would even think twice about playing us.

Q: Now you've got five straight home games, and no traveling... you're smiling, so I can see you're happy about that.

A: That's going to be real good, because me personally, I don't like flying. I don't like having to sit on a bus for a long time and all that. We're finally going to get to do it in front of our fans, who deserve it.

Q: You get a little nervous when you fly?

A: Yeah, I get very nervous. I'll be like this (tenses up). I'll be tense the whole flight.

Photos by Brent Wiseman, copyright 2005 for Top Stories