WNSR's Coleman makes good his promise

On Friday morning, long-time Arkansas fan David Coleman, co-host of The Morning Sports Page on Sports Radio 560, predicted an Arkansas victory over Vanderbilt on Saturday night. He backed up the prediction with a promise to paint his head black and gold and sing, "Dynamite!" if the 'Dores won the game.

The thrilling, come-from-behind Vanderbilt victory sealed his fate. The appointed hour for the head painting was 8 p.m. Wednesday, and VandyMania's Whitney D was there.

The setting is the WTVF studios in downtown Nashville on the set of Sportsline on News Channel 5+, hosted by sports anchor Hope Hines. Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor David Williams, who oversees the athletics programs at Vanderbilt, was invited to the honors.

First, they explain what's going to happen later in the show. Callers to the show offer congratulations to the Vice Chancellor on the 'Dores 2-0 record along with suggestions for how Coleman's head should be painted.

With the printed lyrics to "Dynamite!", black and gold paint, and a bottle of Coleman's Dynamic Ribb-Rubb nearby, an un-painted Coleman contemplates his fate.

This it's time for Williams to do his work. He starts with a thorough base coat of black paint. "This is for all the loyal black and gold fans," he says as he begins.

Then comes the gold paint, while Coleman sings, "Dy-na-mite! Dy-na-mite! When Vandy starts to fight!"

The finished work of art, as seen from the front. Notice the "V" on each cheek, a suggestion made by Williams' son, who called the show,

... and from the back, where the "VU" is more clearly visible.

As the show winds down, Coleman claims partial credit for the Vanderbilt victory. "I motivated them!" he insists.

Hines congratulates the 'Dores and wishes them well, saying, "Dad-gummit, they deserve it!"

Williams urges people to buy season tickets, or at least to snap up one of the remaining 5,000 tickets for Saturday's game against Ole Miss before they're gone, and then everybody heads home.
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Photos copyright 2005 by Whitney D for Vandymania.com.

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