This week looks like an absolute disaster waiting to happen for anyone foolish enough to try to predict the vagaries of college football. Three of the games are no-brainers, but the others are a veritable minefield, virtual pick-ems. I'll be lucky to predict half of them.

15-3 overall

First the pushovers:

Arkansas @USC – The Trojans will turn the Pigs into bar-b-que, with hot sauce optional. USC by 40.

Ball State @Auburn – There's nothing to say: Tigers by however many they want. Make it 55 or so.

UL-Monroe @ Georgia – The same. Say 45 this time.

Now the trouble:

Alabama @ South Carolina – I think the Gamecocks play against Georgia was inspired, but unsustainable. Alabama has the better team, but maybe not the better coach. Better teams win. Alabama 21-17.

Kentucky @ Indiana – The Mildcats beat Indiana last year, and Indiana has been singularly unimpressive this year so far. Kentucky has been on and off, but will prevail. UK 19-17.

Tulane @ Mississippi State – I doubt that Tulane has the drive and intensity needed to overcome the effects of Katrina. LSU could feed off of adversity, but I fear adversity will feast off of the Greenies. Mississippi State 27-7.

Tennessee @ Florida – There are enough sub-texts and plotlines in this game to supply a soap opera for years. New coach for Florida. UTK's recent dominance. Fulmer's horrible outfits. The list is endless. Florida is favored, and the radio tells me that the line is moving up, indicating an imbalance of betting on the Gators. I think it's too much hype on Urban renewal. UTK 26-23.

Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt - This game could be least part-way around the corner for the Commodores. It is a major test for Vandy. Can they win as a favorite? VU is selling a lot of extra tickets for this game after the unexpected start. Will the pressure be too much? I hope it's not the "Same Ole Vandy", and I'm picking the Black and Gold to win it. VU 28-21.

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