Senior Spotlight: Trey Holloway

Senior center Trey Holloway chatted with VandyMania recently about the Commodores' surprising 3-0 start.

Last year Vanderbilt's coaches asked Trey Holloway to move from defensive tackle, where he'd played for his first three years, to center on offense. The 6-2, 292-pounder from Edmond, Okla. made the move and quickly claimed the starting position, turning one of the team's weaknesses into a strength. Now a fifth-year senior, Holloway has started 14 straight games at center, and has become one of the team's most vocal leaders.

"Those senior leaders have been through a lot, and they don't want to go through that stuff any more," Bobby Johnson said recently of Holloway and his fellow teammates. "They're trying to do something about it, and those younger guys are looking up to them. They're saying, heck, you're right... if we're gonna do this thing, let's do it the best we can."

Holloway talked with VandyMania recently about the team's fast start.


VandyMania: Trey, this 3-0 start has got to feel incredibly good for all of you seniors who've been around for so long. You had never even won a road game in your career, and this year you won your first two on the road. Now you guys have exceeded almost everyone's expectations by going 3-0 in your first three games.

Senior center Trey Holloway: Yeah, it's euphoric, it's great. The feeling in the locker room after a win, you just can't explain it. It's really great to see all the young guys get off to this great start too. We had so many games that we lost that were close... it's great to see these young guys get that good feeling and get that momentum going.

VM: You guys are winning the close games that in the past the team usually lost. If you had to point to two or three things that are making the difference for you this year, what would you say?

Trey: Maturity, on both sides of the ball; Jay Cutler, a great quarterback who takes charge, and sees everything; and hey, just heart, you know? Just heart, and a willingness to really, really fight even if we're down.

VM: Suddenly you guys are probably hearing some things like that word that starts with a "B". You're on top of the Southeastern Conference East. Do you think the level of expectation has gone up now?

Trey: Yeah. It went up after the Wake Forest game. It's going to go up every week now that we're into conference games. The expectations are only going to get higher. And we're ready for that. Coach has prepared us for that. He talks to us about handling success. You don't just go out there and win games and lollygag around. You keep going to class, lifting weights and doing all that stuff. He preaches that stuff to us constantly, and we'll be ready.


Vanderbilt (3-0, 2-0 SEC) hosts Atlantic 10 foe Richmond (1-2, 1-1) Saturday at 6 p.m. at Vanderbilt Stadium (no TV; 104.5 The Zone).

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