When you play with an oblate spheroid, sometimes the angle of incidence doesn't equal the angle of reflection. (Footballs take funny bounces.) It's feast or famine in the football game, at least in the SEC. It sure looks like a lot of blowouts in the offing.

Arkansas @ Alabama – Out of the frying pan, into the fire for the Porkers. After being cooked to a turn last week, Arkansas faces an Alabama teams that seems to be better than expected. The Pigs will have a difficult time recovering from last week's debacle, and they aren't going to start with this week's game. Tide 34-17.

Western Kentucky @ Auburn - Let's hope the Hilltoppers are being well-paid for this trip to the Plains. Auburn 45-3.

Florida @ Kentucky – The Blugrass State takes another pounding. Gators 35-7.

Georgia @ Mississippi State – The Bulldogs begin a three-game set against some of the SEC's best (just like VU will face in three weeks). They'll fare just about as well. Georgia 31-10

UTK @ LSU - And I thought Vandy's kicking game was bad. UTK's, at least against Florida, was atrocious. Even if the Orange can fix some of their more glaring errors this week, LSU still has enough to handle them pretty well. UTK's defense will keep them in the game, but it's LSU 24-16.

Troy @ South Carolina – A lot of people see this as a laugher, but Troy has proven to be a tough foe for Division 1-A schools. I see it as a close game SC 24-20.

Wyoming @ Ole Miss – Mississippi suffered some significant injuries against Vandy, but I think they will have enough left in the tank to bounce back against the Cowboys. Mississippi 17-16.

Richmond @ Vanderbilt – Vandy should squash the Arachnids like bugs (wait...arachnids ARE bugs). IF, IF, IF the Commodores don't spend too much time reading their press clippings and attend to business, this should be a comfortable win. VU 37-10

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