Interview: Coach John Sisk, Strength Coach

VandyMania spoke with Vanderbilt Strength and Conditioning Director John Sisk during spring drills about his plans for the strength program.

VM: What would be the normal daily routine for an offensive linemen in your program?

JS: Well right now we are kind of in an in-season program, three days a week lifting, based on their academic schedule. They try to come in on their own before their meetings. We'll get back into our offseason program after spring practice and we'll lift four days a week. We'll have assigned times for them to sign up for. We'll run four days a week also.

VM: How about this new facility you guys have. What are your thoughts on that?

JS: I'm real fortunate to be here with a brand new facility. Opportunities like this don't happen too often, to inherit a brand new facility, one as nice as this one. We are in the proccess of ordering some new, customized equipment. We have some real nice equipment already that they've already purchased but we are going to get some new stuff that will is going to fit the way we are going to train a little bit better. We are in the proccess of getting some of that equipment in here within the next couple weeks, hopefully right around the spring game.

VM: What kind of equipment are you talking about?

JS: We are getting some multi-racks, which is like a power-rack, some hammer equipment and some more dumb bells. We'll also get a couple more tread mills and some more cardio equipment. VM: You and Coach Johnson go back quite a ways. Can you explain how you got to know Coach Johnson?

JS: I was real fortunate that I was at Furman with him his first year as Head Football Coach. I was there with him one complete season. I left Furman for West Carolina University and then coached against him in the Southern Conference. Then I went to Clemson and just came from there. That's also were he had played and coached. We've been in contact the last nine years of my coaching career.

VM: Do you have assistants to help you with the strength program?

JS: I've got two. Just in football I have John Moore and Mark Sutton. In the Olympic weight room we have Mark Davidson and Lorie Alexander who work with our Olympic sport athletes.

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