Vandy seals deal with Biloxi forward

Vanderbilt's Kevin Stallings picked up commitment number two for 2006 this weekend, when Biloxi combo forward JeJuan Brown gave his pledge. The 6-7 senior was sold on a weekend official visit. "I got to Vandy, and it was like heaven," Brown said. "Everything was just perfect for me." Here's the full, inside story on his visit and commitment.


Combo forward JeJuan Brown of Biloxi, Miss. committed privately to Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings on Saturday in the midst of a weekend official visit. Brown chose the Commodores over offers from West Virginia, Purdue, Tulane and Marquette. VandyMania caught up with Brown on Sunday evening.


VandyMania: JeJuan, you made an official visit to Vanderbilt this weekend, and your Mom says that you have made a commitment to play at Vanderbilt. It must have been a very good visit. Could you just take us through all that happened on the visit that you can remember?

JeJuan Brown: It was just a regular little visit. I got there, went out to eat with a couple of the players, and they showed me the different areas of the campus. I worked out with the players and went to where the players worked out, and they were a great group of guys. I went to the football game. It was just a regular visit.

VM: At what point did you decide that you were going to give your commitment?

JeJuan: It was Saturday morning after we had scrimmaged. I figured, it was between Vandy and West Virginia. Both were high academic schools, but I already knew that. I had already looked up everything on the Internet about both schools, so it was just coming down to the Business school. When I got to Vandy, I just felt like it was me. I got along with the players. It was like I had known all the players for four or five years. I already got along great with the coaching staff, Coach Stallings and Coach Jackson. Once I met the players and I felt like that, it was like, hey, this where I need to be. As soon as I got finished scrimmaging, I told [Coach Stallings] this is where I wanted to be, and I wanted to commit. This is like another home. That's how I felt. He was happy.

VM: You also made an official visit to West Virginia. What was it that gave Vanderbilt a little edge over West Virginia?

JeJuan: The players. Like I said, I knew about both colleges' academics. It was just getting along with my future [teammates]. At West Virginia, most of the players that were there were going to be gone. Even though I'm from up there, I didn't really feel the way I did when I went to Vandy. I got to Vandy, and it was like heaven, you know? Everything was just perfect for me. It was like I'd been there for years. It was just amazing.

VM: How did you narrow it down initially to West Virginia and Vanderbilt? What stood out about those two?

JeJuan: Those two have been there from the get-go. Tulane had too, but Tulane is under water, so there's no way I'm going there. I felt great about both coaching staffs. I didn't really know that much about the others, so I felt more comfortable with those two.

VM: Were any certain players your official hosts this weekend?

JeJuan: No, not really. I jumped from player to player. I was with Shan Foster, Alex Gordon... I already knew him, because I'd played against him. I was with everybody. It wasn't just one or two people.

VM: Do you have anything you might want to major in there?

JeJuan: I want to get into the real estate business. So it's probably something like Business or Marketing.

VM: What are the best parts of your game? What are the things you do really well, and what are the things you will need to work on in order to play in college?

JeJuan: I'm always a team player. You don't ever have to worry about that with me. I like to pass. I like to take charges. What I need to work on more is my jumper and my handles. I'm already working on those now, but I figure once I get to Vandy, they'll help me out a lot on those, and with my strength.

VM: Vanderbilt has a long history of playing forwards who can really shoot the ball from outside. How's your 3-point shot?

JeJuan: It's coming along. I've been working on that this whole summer. After the hurricane hit, I almost have nothing else to do, so I'm just out on the courts shooting every day.

VM: I understand that when the hurricane came through, your family was forced to leave the area for a while.

JeJuan: Yeah, a week or so after the hurricane, we had to get out of here. We had no electricity, and we kind of got tired of being hot all the time, so we went to West Virginia for a week. We finally came back because I had to go back to school.

VM: Has recruiting been very stressful on you?

JeJuan: At times, but that's just how it is. The phone calls are the hardest part, especially when you have three or four colleges calling you every other hour.

VM: Are you excited to have your college decision made?

JeJuan: Yes, very excited. I'm just glad it's kind of over with. My mom is excited too. She had a great visit up there too. But she sat back and let me make my own decision. She figured I'm going to go out on my own, so she let me make the decision on my own. But she feels good about Vandy too.


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