Interview: Bobby Reynolds, tennis

VandyMania talks to Bobby Reynolds who was recently named All-SEC and is currently ranked #17 in NCAA tennis.

VM: Bobby please tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to be the nationally ranked tennis player that you are today.

BR: I started out playing when I was about seven. I guess it started out with my sister, she's a little bit older and played at Wisconsin. I started going there and playing with her. Every since then it has been pretty much my life. Just hard work, tennis and school always.

VM: Did you take training lessons growing up or did you just play a lot?

BR: I had two main coaches in Atlanta, Jerry Baskin and David Drew. David actually played here so that kinda how I got to where I am. He influenced me a lot to come here. He said it would be a perfect fit for me and so far it has.

VM: Tell us a little about the Tennis program here at Vanderbilt and some it's accomplishments over the past two years.

BR: Coach Flach is one of the main reasons I came here. Just with his experience on the tour and everything he has to offer. He has turned the program around alot. We have five unbelievable sophomores right now and we are still young. There is a lot of improvement that we can have and only one way: up.

VM: I understand that there aren't any seniors on this team.

BR: No. We had two last year and they pretty much showed us the ropes. Now it is pretty much just us sophomores to take over from here.

VM: So what are you guys shooting for for the next couple years? Are you going to be up in the top 5 like the women?

BR: I hope so. Our goal this season was to be in the top 15. . . . only time can tell. We have the talent to be up in the top 10 just like anybody else. With hard work I think we can get there.

VM: What does your normal day consist of being a tennis player at Vanderbilt?

BR: During the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday I usually have hit with coach. I spend a lot of hours in the classroom. I usually come here around 2:30 or 3:00 and stay here until about 7:00 at night just hitting, running and lifting. Everything that it takes. Then after that I do homework [laughs].

VM: What about some of your teammates? Who are some of the top players?

BR: Chad Harris was one of the guys that I grew up with along with Zach Daley. Chad was top 10 growing up in the country. Always. He's a great player. He's had a little bad luck this year. We just got a new freshman named Scottie Brown who I believe was eighth in the country.

VM: What are some of the colleges that were offering you scholarships?

BR: I looked at Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, Virginia and Vanderbilt.

VM: What were some of the reasons you chose Vanderbilt over some of those other prestigious Universities?

BR: There were a couple of main reasons. Probably the coaching staff here. I love coach Flach. He is a great guy and has taught me a lot. Playing in the SEC is another reason. Nothing compares. It doesn't matter who you are playing. It's always tough matches. The schooling here is another reason. It has a very good reputation. I want to follow through and get my degree.

VM: What would you say to a young eighth or ninth grader out there aspiring to be like you? How would you advise him to train?

BR: I would say first of all you have to be a good student. Don't overlook that. Just give it all you got, always. You leave it all on the court for every match because you never know when something is going to help you later on down the road.

VM: Bobby we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck in your future. Top Stories