Pete Fox picks this weeks SEC action.

(5-1 last week, 37-8 overall)

"The prevenient avian obtains the invertebrate Vermes"

Only four games this week, all within the conference. All of them seemingly easy picks, but I've been there before. This may be my best chance to pick all of the games right.

Alabama @ Ole Miss - This is ‘Bama's tune-up game for the Big Orange next week. Mississippi is going nowhere fast. Tide 37-10.

Arkansas @ Auburn – According to the oddsmakers this is about a one-touchdown game, I certainly can figure out why. The Tigers should dispatch the razorback easily. Auburn 30-10.

Florida @ LSU – If I had to pick one game in the SEC to watch this week, it would be this one. It's about time for LSU to shake off the mistakes that have plagued them this year. The Gators offense isn't up to dealing with the LSU defense. LSU 21-6.

Georgia @ Vanderbilt – Out of the frying pan, into the fire for the Commodores. They kept it close against LSU last week courtesy of LSU mistakes and turnovers. The Doggies won't be nearly so generous. Georgia 42-10.

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