Views from the locker room, part II

Defensive back Cheron Thompson, defensive end Herdley Harrison, receiver Bryant Anderson and fullback/H-back Steven Bright talk about Saturday's 35-28 loss to South Carolina.


Senior defensive back Cheron Thompson: Intercepted Blake Mitchell, returned the ball 13 yards for a touchdown to tie the game at 7-7

Q: On your interception, it looked as though you might have been surprised to see the ball come into your hands that easily.

A: Yeah. We were in a base formation, but I was still out there at nickel back. The quarterback found me on a read and run, and I guess he thought he could get it over my head.

Q: You had to run around a couple of guys to take it into the end zone.

A: I saw the wide side was open, and I just took my chance and ran to the end zone and dove in.

Q: That was your first touchdown ever, right?

A: Oh yeah. It was a special moment. I'm a senior, and I got my first interception and my first touchdown. So it's a very special moment right now.

Q: What did coach say to you after the game, and what are your thoughts going into the three game that are left?

A: That's it, we've still got three games left. In order to get into a bowl game, we've just got to win two of the last three. We're going into an off-week. We're going to have to focus, and watch a lot of film on Florida and be ready for Florida.

Senior defensive end Herdley Harrison

Q: On that last 77-yard drive that South Carolina had to take that final 7-point lead, was it a case of you guys getting a little bit worn down, or were they doing anything different?

A: I don't think we were necessarily getting worn down. We weren't getting as good a pressure as we'd like. Basically when he had time to sit back there, he's a pretty good quarterback. He was able to execute, and they made some adjustments in the second half, and they were able to make the plays.

Freshman receiver Bryant Anderson

Q: Bryant, you were in there late in the game when the game was on the line. I know Vanderbilt had several players hurt tonight.

A: It was really exciting. I hadn't really been in that kind of situation in my life, so it was all new. I tried my best. It was kind of overwhelming though.

Q: South Carolina is kind of an overwhelming environment. You had 80,000 fans cheering against you. What was that like?

A: They made it rough. You really couldn't hear the plays. You had to ask other people. I know I had to. But it was just really loud. I can't really describe it.

Q: Did you have any butterflies when you went in?

A: Yeah, on the first play I did. But after that you're just in there, and you've got to do your job.

Q: You're still looking for that first catch this year, right?

A: Yeah, I am.

Q: Coach Fisher has been very complimentary of how you've come along and progressed. Do you feel like you're ready to step in there when Erik Davis moves on next year?

A: Yeah, I do. I feel confident in myself, and that little experience right there definitely helps. It's just a little stepping stone. I'm ready now to step up and be an impact player on this team.

Junior fullback/H-back Steven Bright:

Q: Steven, you played in your home state tonight. Did you have a good cheering section tonight? How many tickets did you give out?

A: I did there were probably 35 that I got, and there's no telling how many other people came tonight that I know.

Q: You had a one-handed catch tonight that was spectacular, in the first quarter.

A: Jay just threw it, it was a little high, and luckily I was just able to stick my arm up there and I came down with it. I don't know how.

Q: It's got to be a lot of fun the way you're being used in the offense right now. You're like the jack-of-all-trades... they never know where you're going to line up next.

A: It is fun. Any time you get on the field... and that was my goal, to get on the field... I don't care if I'm playing center, wide receiver or tight end. It doesn't matter to me. I'm having fun with it.

Q: Clipboard duty got a little old, I guess?

A: It did. I wore that out, I think. I like being on the field.

Q: You guys badly needed a win today, but you didn't get the win.

A: Yeah, but we've got three games left, and it's going to be three wins as far as I'm concerned. We're going to go into every game and prepare just as hard as we always do. We expect to get three wins.

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