"Fools rush in and get the best seats." I wonder when the last time two major ranked teams played a game which produced no touchdowns. The only other one I can remember is the 9-6 Bama win over UTK several years ago. The coming week produces only one really interesting game, the world's largest cocktail party in Jacksonville.

Georgia vs Florida – With Georgia's Shockley getting hurt and out of the game this week, it's anybody's guess as to how this will play out. The entire Eastern division of the the SEC appears to be mired in mediocrity. There is no team that really stands out, present teams included. The wild card here is Shockley, and he's out of the deck. All his replacement has to do is play a competent game with no major mistakes and Georgia will win. Georgia 21-17.

Utah State @ Alabama – This will be closer than expected, due to the letdown after the big win over the hated orange. Tide 24-16.

Mississippi @ Auburn – The Tigers will be angry, and Ole Miss is largely defenseless. This one shouldn't be close. I'm sure the Auburn kicker won't be missing 5 field goals, as Mississippi is unlikely to prevent touchdowns. Auburn 35- 10.

Mississippi State @ Kentucky – Another SEC game to avoid at all costs. If you can stay awake through this one, you have a future as a long-distance trucker. MSU 10-6.

South Carolina @ Tennessee – A useful harbinger of how the Commodores will do vs. the big orange later this year. For now, Nemesis returns to Neyland stadium in the guise of the Evil Genius Spurrier. Not much chance for the chickens this game. Steve S. can coach rings around the Great Pumpkin, but he can't block and tackle for his outmanned Gamecocks. UTK 34 – 17.

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