Interview: Greg Robson talked with Greg Robson during spring drills.

VM: Greg what are your thoughts heading towards the 2002 season?
GR: Pretty optimistic.  I think we are all working very hard.  The new coaching staff has done a good job so far.  Morale is pretty high and we are all looking forward to the upcoming season.
VM: What are some of the differences you see now in the weight training program compared to the training you did under the previous staff?
GR: I think the training now might be a little more intense than it has in the past.  It might help us be more prepared for the upcoming season.  The running pretty tough.  I think we may be in better shape than we have been in the past although in the past we had hard workouts too.
VM: What are some of things that jump out at you about this coaching staff compared to the previous coaching staff?
GR: This coaching staff seems a little more intense.  They seem like they stress discipline more.  The head coach is more of a disciplinarian than coach Widenhofer was.  I think all in all this coaching staff will make us get after it, maybe more than the last coaching staff.


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