Football Trivia Quiz

Try your luck at these trivia questions. Some of them will be rather easy, but some may be quite difficult. Feel free to answer (or guess) the questions on the message board in the coffee shop. The answers will be given there next week.

Football Trivia Quiz

With a Heavy Vanderbilt Emphasis


Try your luck at these trivia questions.  Some of them will be rather easy, but some may be quite difficult.  Feel free to answer (or guess) the questions on the message board in the coffee house.  The answers will be given there next week.


  1. One first year Vanderbilt Head Coach coached his first two games against teams led by future NFL head coaches.  Can you name the Commodore coach, the two teams Vandy played, and the two future NFL head coaches?  Hint: One of these coaches led NFL teams to multiple Super Bowl appearances.
  2. In college football history what do Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Wichita State, and Marshall share in common that no other schools can say?  Hint: It isn't something they are happy about.
  3. Who is the famous alum and former graduate assistant coach from the Cal Poly SLO team that is pertinent to question number two?  What is the relevance?  Hint: He wears a Super Bowl Ring.
  4. What do question number one and question number two share in common?  Hint: It's someone's alma mater.
  5. This is not a fictitious person, but it sure sounds like it.  Who am I?  I played tackle for Vanderbilt in the most successful four-year period since the Southeastern Conference formed.  I turned down a basketball scholarship offer from Adolph Rupp and Kentucky to play football for the Commodores.  As odd as it sounds, I became a player/coach for my junior high basketball team.  What's even more strange is my junior high team played on the high school level and advanced to our district finals!!!  After leaving Vandy, I became a high school football coach just outside of Nashville and built the program into a perennial state power.  I advanced to the college ranks and guided a future Division 1-A program for a dozen years, retiring as the all-time leader in wins at that school.  Oh, and after being retired for 24 years, I strapped the whistle back on and became a private coach for my former team's raw quarterback.  I tutored him well enough for him to make an NFL roster and eventually become a starter, where he guided his team to the Super Bowl.  Once again, I am a real person and all these things really happened.  Who am I?
  6. Vanderbilt quarterback Bill Wade was the first pick in the 1952 NFL draft.  He enjoyed a successful career, but there were five other players in that class who made it to the Hall of Fame.  Three of these players were fellow first round picks, one was a second round pick, and one was a free agent of Wade's very same Los Angeles Rams.  Can you name these five?  Hint: Two of them were college teammates from a West Coast school that no longer plays football, while one saw his fame increase after his playing days.
  7. Who is the only quarterback in NCAA Division 1 history to start more than 20 games and graduate with an unbeaten and untied record?  This player also went undefeated in his high school career, leaving football never having lost a game.  Hint: An All-American college teammate moved to Nashville after a fine NFL career and became famous in another profession.
  8. Which Division 1 National Champion lost two games during that season?  Hint: Their head coach was a native Tennessean with ties to General Neyland.
  9. Which Vanderbilt head coach had a twin brother on his coaching staff?
  10. At Vanderbilt home game did "The Wave" first appear?  (I'm not talking about Tulane;  I'm referring to the crowd standing up and down in serpentine step)
  11. Prior to the current practice field, where did Vanderbilt's football teams practice?
  12. When was the last year Vanderbilt still had a mathematical chance to win the Southeastern Conference championship as it prepared to play Tennessee?
  13. Who was the leading rusher for Vandy when they played Alabama in 1996?
  14. Which Division 1 National Champion led the NCAA in 18 statistical categories including scoring offense, total offense, rushing offense, rushing defense (the lowest in the post WWII era), and total defense (the last team to hold opponents under 100 total yards a game).  Hint: A future Heisman Trophy winner was this team's leading rusher, but he never played an NFL game due to an untimely illness that led to his death at the age of 23.
  15. Which former Vanderbilt head coach later became the head coach and athletic director at a smaller division program, and as A.D., hired a basketball coach that would later pace the sidelines at Tennessee?
  16. There is still a chance that the Southeastern Conference Championship game this year could have two 11-0 teams squaring off.  When was the last time two SEC teams concluded the regular season by facing each other with undefeated and untied records? Hint: obviously they are big rivals
  17. What former SEC All-American registered 30 tackles in a bowl game?  His college coach had this to say about him: "He was one of the finest football players the world has ever seen. If runners stayed between the sidelines, he tackled them. He never had a bad day; he was 100 percent every day in practice and in the games."
  18. What college team lost its first four games, then won all the rest, taking their conference title and winning in a New Year's Day Bowl.  Hint: The head coach in question #17 coached the head coach in this question and lost to him in the bowl game.
  19. What does current Tennessee Titans General Manager Floyd Reese have in common with a former Vanderbilt head coach? Hint: It is something that he achieved as a player.
  20. Vanderbilt wide receiver Earl Bennett caught 16 passes against South Carolina, but it wasn't the most in a single game by a Commodore.  Who once caught 20 passes in one game?


Bonus Question:  What's the most total combined points scored in an NCAA football game in which neither team recorded a first down?


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