Well, I guess that makes it official. I'm pathetic at picking SEC football games. My only consolation is that I'm in good company. Nobody in their right mind would have picked South Carolina to beat the big orange. I watched the game twice, and I STILL don't think SC had a chance.

(2-3 last week, 47-13 overall)

Alabama @ Mississippi State – Man, MSU is just a bad football team. Alabama is a 17 point favorite, and will be hard pressed to keep it that close. Tide 45-13

South Carolina @ Arkansas – If the chickens can beat UTK in Knoxville, they can certainly beat the Razorbacks anywhere. Spurrier can evidently do it with smoke and mirrors, and there's no reason to think that he can't continue. SC 21-17.

Auburn @ Kentucky – The Plainsmen will view this a tune-up before season-ending games with Georgia and Alabama. Overconfidence is always a danger in games like this, but the Tigers should tend to business, though maybe not a much as their fans would like to see. Auburn 28-18.

Tennessee @ Notre Dame – If Notre Dame plays half as well as they played against USC, the orange won't stand a chance. UTK is the mystery team of the year, and there's no telling how they will play. The injuries at running back, and the ineptness at quarterback will doom the Volunteers, but the extra effort put forth by the players in defense of their fallen leader (Sanders) coupled with the disrespect of Tennessee by the Golden Domers will make this a dogfight. ND 20 – 17.

Vandy @ Florida – Vandy will play well enough after the off week to beat the spread, but that's about it. There's no way VU's defense can stop Florida's offense, even if it is scaled down from what Urban wants. Gators 35-20.

Oh yeah, Appy St. @ LSU – LSU, and pick your own score. I don't THINK LSU will get to triple digits.

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