Photo Gallery I: Vanderbilt vs. Florida

Vanderbilt fell to Florida 49-42 in overtime on Saturday. VandyMania's Stan Jones was there and captured these images of the game.

The Juke of Earl at work again. (VM/Stan Jones)

A Gator going down. (VM/Stan Jones)

Defense gets ready to rumble (VM/Stan Jones)

Chris Leak on the run as Chris Booker pursues. (VM/Stan Jones)

Earl Bennett returned four kickoffs for 60 yards. (VM/Stan Jones)

Jay Cutler passed for four touchdowns on the night. (VM/Stan Jones)

Cutler passed for 361 yards. (VM/Stan Jones)

Chris Leak played well also. (VM/Stan Jones)

Chris Booker grabs the legs of a Gator runner as Ralph McKenzie arrives to help. (VM/Stan Jones)

First half action. (VM/Stan Jones)

Dustin Dunning caught 5 passes for 40 yards. (VM/Stan Jones)

Erik Davis had 8 catches 127 yards but was injured. (VM/Stan Jones)

Cutler showed great poise. (VM/Stan Jones)

Earl Bennett snares one of two in the end zone. (VM/Stan Jones)

Jeff Jennings rushed for 50 yards on 8 carries with a touchdown. (VM/Stan Jones)

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