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VandyMania premium users chatted with the Scout.com National Basketball Recruiting Director on Thursday evening. Here is a transcript of that chat.

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DonYates: Hi
DonYates: good to have you. We are expecting Dave Telep any minute now.
VANDYJ: I am looking forward to hearing him.
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DonYates: Me too. We need to do this more often
DonYates: Hi Vandyman74. Good to have you
DonYates: Dave Telep should be here soon
DonYates: What do you guys think about Vandy being picked 2nd by Burlison?
Vandyman74: Just shows he has a brain
DonYates: I don't think they'd ever pick VU ahead of UK
VANDYJ: I believe we can finish anywhere from first to fifth depending on our chemistry.
DonYates: What do you think about Howell Peiser's friends claim that our defense may be worse?
DonYates: yeah
VANDYJ: Our defense should be as good as Mario does of keeping the point guard out of the lane.
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DonYates: I hope that is not an issue
DonYates: Hi Dave
Dave Telep: Just got in!
pasadena: DaveTelep in the house with assistance!
DonYates: Good to have you on VandyMania tonight
DonYates: hee hee
Dave Telep: Excited to be here.
DonYates: we need it!
pasadena: have a great chat guys, go Dawgs.
DonYates: growl
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DonYates: I have some questions but first of all, our folks in the chat room might have some
Vandyman74: I'm just here to observe, carry on =)
DonYates: Just how big of a shock was Brandan Wright going to UNC?
Dave Telep: Great question. Typically, when a source that i trust calls me, we'll run the story "according to sources" and that's it. With BW, I made three calls to separate sources because frankly i was shocked.
VANDYJ: How do you rank VU among SEC teams in the early recruiting?
Dave Telep: I think either 5th or 6th is fair. Honestly, with the SEC overall, I was a little surprised that the league did not capitalize with elite talent going to college. As far as Vandy is concerned, we look at Beale and Brown as CUST Top 100 players. In fact, Brown was once in our Top 100 and has a strong chance of returning. Good players. High major recruits.
DonYates: Numerous people claiming to be "insiders" basically said he was signed, sealed and delivered to UK. Some even have inferred that BW had even said as much to the UK coaches. What happened? Were these people just delusional, or was there actual good info out there that he was going to UK?
Dave Telep: I'm not sure UK was second. Vanderbilt was high up on his list. There was NO good info out there to support the claim that UK was in the lead. I talked with Brandan numerous times, sometimes off the record and thought Vanderbilt was just as strong as anybody else. Plus, the young man never tipped his cap. He wasn't going to go through the entire process and at that point have a leak ruin the suspense. There were no leaks available: quiet kid, family kid with an old school high school coach. No one was leaking.
VANDYJ: Can Beale be a good SEC point guard?
Dave Telep: Beale is a good guard. To call him a true point at this stage might be stretching it some. I think he's a combo but in the end he'll make the transition. He's not a set up guy in a playmakming sense and that's why I'd hesitate to label him a straight PG. I think he's a young man capable of helping out at both slots and if they want him to be a PG I am quite sure they'll ease him into the transition.
DonYates: How do Stallings and co. approach recruiting? Are they visible on the recruiting trail at all of the events? Have you seen their recruiting habits change over the years? How has Vandy recruiting changed under Stallings vs. what it was before?
Dave Telep: Their recruiting approach is very internalized. They seek opinions but weed out kids who aren't strong character and versatile. They are trying to target a slightly more athletic player in last two seasons and have done that (Foster, Byars) .... They are visible ... they have unique ties to different places in the country via the makeup of their staff and that has helped him.
Dave Telep: Great question.
VANDYJ: Does Brown play big enough to play the 4 spot?
Dave Telep: I think Brown starts at the four and is a tough matchup. He can play facing the basket to mid range in a college game. What I like about him is his commitment to rebounding. You can't stick him out there and have him guarding 6-9 and 6-10 consistently, but he'll get on the glass and find ways to contribute at both ends. Good player.
DonYates: It is said that Jeff Jackson has a reputation as a good recruiter? How has that reputation been built?
Dave Telep: Jeff Jackson is a good recruiter but I'll tell you what I think he does best. He is a very strong evaluator of talent and I think a lot of assistants aroudn the nation lack that gene. Jackson is a tough grader and difficult to impress and that makes him a sound evaluator. He's strong in the home and people like him, especially after you really get to know the guy. I think he's a terrific assistant coach and one of the better evaluators of talent. Jeff might like or dislike a player but he's always got strong reasons and understands what Coach Stallings is looking for.
Dave Telep: It seems that Stallings only has a prospect in for an official visit if he already has a heavy leaning our way. What do you think of this approach?
DonYates: Vandy's staff is rumored to be extremely tight-lipped about their recruiting efforts. Does this differ from other staffs? Are some staff's more forthcoming with info?
Dave Telep: It differs all across the board and you have to respect that. Coach Stallings has some ties to the Dean Smith way of approaching recruiting and that means being guarded about their recruiting and you have to respect that. It's one thing not to talk but completely understandable when little is said and you know up front that's company policy. You have to respect the policy.
DonYates: I think the SEC recruiting has been trending down for a few years, and it was rather glaring this year. Do you see any early signs of that turning around in 2007?
Dave Telep: Well, it's not going that way in 2006 because the highest rated high schooler signed this week was No. 36 to Tennessee. As for 2007, Big Ten country is loaded and that means a big haul for that league. I can't accurately say the SEC picks up next year but I was surprised that the league as a whole had a quiet year especially with the NBA rule in place.
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VANDYJ: Do you know of any prospects Vandy is focused on in 2007?
Dave Telep: Well, I think they are going after a combo guard and another post player. Having said that, you can bet they'll take a look at Maurice Miller out of Memphis and Keegan Bell who is from 'Bama. It's a little early in the process but I know those are two guys who meet the academic profile and will get looks. Vanderibilt tends to increase its scope in the spring and go from there.
DonYates: How hard is it to break through and sign big name prospects? How hard is it to combat the "rich get richer" environment in recruiting.
Dave Telep: It's tough. Basically the Stanford's and Vandy's of the world need the perfect storm to get that serious big timer. He's got to meet a profile, have interest, be able to be admitted and then be strong enough to avoid the temptation to be a regular fish in the UK, Duke or UNC pond. OR They find and develop plays like big Dan.
DonYates: How much more time do you have for us Dave?
Dave Telep: A few minutes.
Dave Telep: What is your evaluation of Neltner who transferred from LSU?
Dave Telep: Just answered that one. Neltner is one of those tough playing guys who finds ways to contribute. I was watching that game last year when he made the shot at the buzzer and figured that's just the kind of player he is.
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DonYates: Hi Rachis
DonYates: One more question for Dave.
DonYates: who has one?
magnolialeague: Years ago we recruited DiSpaltro from New Jersey...will we go back there and in the North to bring back talent?
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Dave Telep: No question they would but again, kids have to meet the criteria. Vandy can go cross country for a guy who values academics, is a good player and shows interest. Because of their academic reputation and the quality of the area, they can really go anywhere they need to.
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DonYates: Dave, we appreciate you joining us and hope to have you back in the future
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VANDYJ: Don, Great job!
DonYates: thanks. I appreciate all the questions for Dave from all the Vandymaniacs that attended this chat.
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Dave Telep: Guys, ANYTIME you want to do this please let me know. Only been inside Memorial one time but would to return and the same goes for this chat. Don, going forward, if your subscribers have questions, feel free to email them over to me at your leisure.
DonYates: Thanks Dave. Will do.
DonYates: You are the man!
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