Scott Feinstein picks the SEC

Finally back on the right side of .500 against the spread this year. I hope to close up with a strong last couple weeks. Let's hope the refs don't throw a flag on me for my excessive celebration. Several good games on tap this weekend in the SEC. Here is what I think will happen.

Last Week: (4-2) vs. spread: (4-2) Yearly: (45-21) vs. spread: (31-30)

Arkansas (+2) @ Ole Miss: Word is Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Sparks was dinged up in practice this week. If that is the case the Arkansas run game should have it pretty wide open. It wouldn't surprise me if either team wins this game, but I am going to go with the Hogs in a close one. Arkansas 24 Ole Miss 19

Memphis (+19) @ Tennessee: I am very surprised this spread is so large. Tennessee is favored to win by 19 despite only scoring 19 or more points in 3 of their 9 games. I think Tennessee will finally get back in the ‘W' column, but not covering the 19 points. Tennessee 20 Memphis 10

Florida (-4) @ South Carolina : It seems like everyone is picking South Carolina in this spot. I am going the other way. Steve Spurrier would love nothing more than to beat his old school and will throw the kitchen sink at the Gators. I think the Vanderbilt game was a wake up call for the Gators and they wont let anyone sneak up on them again. Florida 31 South Carolina 20

Auburn @ Georgia (-3): DJ Shockley is back and that improves Georgia's chances 100%. This should be a great game to watch. With Georgia having a week off, their MVP QB returning and the game being at home, I think that all adds up to a Georgia victory. Georgia 23 Auburn 17

LSU (-3) @ Alabama: I think the Alabama injuries finally catch up with them this week vs. LSU. Alabama scored not a single offensive TD last week vs. Miss St. While the MSU defense is very solid, the LSU defense is even better. I see Alabama having a very difficult time putting up many points in this game, likewise for LSU. I think the best bet for this game is the under 37. As an SEC fan I wish ‘Bama could find a way to win the game and keep the hopes alive for an SEC National Champion, but I just don't see them winning here. If LSU hadn't blown the lead to Tennessee back in Week 2, they would be the team trying for the BCS title. LSU 14 Alabama 10

Kentucky @ Vanderbilt (-12) : This is the we got screwed by the refs in the previous week bowl. No need to go into details about what happened to Vanderbilt last week as it has been all over all the local and national media outlets and TV stations. Kentucky, while less publicized was screwed over several times last week as well. Kentucky really has nothing to play for now, while Vanderbilt has numerous things to play for. The chance for a bowl, the chance for redemption and quite frankly the chance to become heroes amongst the Vanderbilt faithful. I think this team comes out just the opposite of past Vanderbilt teams and plays with a chip on its shoulder. I think they play wide open and put up lots of points and put Kentucky away early. Then all their attention can be focused to the biggest game of the season next weekend in Knoxville. Vanderbilt 45 Kentucky 24

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