Brannon talks about commitment to Vandy

Teriall Brannon, a 6-4, 223-pound tight end / defensive end from Spartanburg, S.C. Broome High School, announced his commitment to Vanderbilt Tuesday. Brannon talks about why he chose the Commodores, and his high school coach explains why the under-recruited DE/TE could blossom into a star at the next level.

Broome Coach Quay Farr, whose team finished the season 11-1 last week, on Teriall Brannon:

"Vanderbilt has been recruiting both D.J. Moore and Teriall (pronounced "ter-RELL") since last May. Coach [Jimmy] Kiser and Coach [Bobby] Johnson's staff have done a wonderful job of recruiting both of them. At the beginning, frankly, I'm not sure either of them knew who Vanderbilt was. They've done a good job building that relationship."

On Brannon: "He was kind of a sleeper. We were defending state champions, of course, and we got knocked out of the playoffs last week. But he's had a good year, and has kind of been the sleeper guy. He really came on in the springtime, and this fall he had a great season catching the football and played really well on defense. Coach Kiser spotted him in spring practice, really liked him and asked about him. He's 6-4, 225, and he'll probably weigh about 250, 255 within a year or so at Vanderbilt. For a guy that size, he runs a 4.6. He's big, he's mobile, and he's a great student. He's one of those kids you hear about all the time that weren't recruited by many schools, but he's a heck of a player. A lot of Division I-AA schools have offered him, but I think a lot of schools are missing out on him."

On whether he projects as a tight end or defensive end at Vanderbilt: "I think they're looking at him at both positions. That will be something they'll have to determine. I think at first they were looking at him for defensive end, but with his hands and speed, that gives them almost a double situation. He can certainly play tight end if they need him to.

On how he has been utilized at Broome: "We've used him more as a pass-catching tight end. I mean, his blocking skills are very good, but he caught 26 passes for us this year. With his speed we put him in the slot some, and he caught a lot of balls. And he was tremendous on the defensive side too."

Teriall Brannon:

On how he is used in the offense: "On offense I get a lot of screen passes, and a lot of passes across the middle on drag routes. The number of passes I get in a game usually depends on how the game is going. Some nights I might have five catches and some nights I might have no catches. It depends on the flow of the game. I had one screen pass reception this year that went 80 yards for a touchdown. Sometimes they even split me out wide."

On his specialty on defense: "Rushing the passer. Last year as a junior I had 17 or 18 sacks. This year I ended the season with 15, I think. I'm leading our Area in sacks. I can stop the run too, but on third and long they usually let me go for the sack."

On what he likes about Vanderbilt: "They sounded like they really wanted me to play for them. I like their style of offense. They offered me around the first of November. Me and D.J. thought about it, and we had a chance to play together for four more years."

Was he considering any other schools? "If I had any more offers, they really didn't tell me they were offering me. Some of the local schools like Wofford and Furman wanted me, and I think there was another school out of state. My head coach would tell me about these from time to time. But Vanderbilt talked to me the most, so I just kept up with them. My head coach knows who all the schools were."

On his close friend and teammate D.J. Moore: "He is lightning quick. He's very quick with his feet. I've never seen anybody tackle him one-on-one... in fact I've never seen two people tackle him. If he's in the open field, he'll win every time. He'll make people miss."

Last year Broome High School won the 2A state championship, and Teriall Brannon was a big reason why. This year the Centurions were poised to repeat, but were upset in the second round of the playoffs.

On his own best attribute as a football player: "My size and speed. I can run a 4.6. Being big and able to run is a great attribute. I can play either offense or defense, and I'm able to get off of the line."

On which side of the ball he is most likely to be used at Vanderbilt: "I talked to them a little bit about that, but they say they don't know where I'll end up. They said they're looking at me for both. Both coaches, Coach Cain and Coach Turner, talk to me a lot, but right now I don't know which one I'll end up playing for."

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