Seniors reflect on careers, UT win

After Vanderbilt's historic win over Tennessee, six senior players shared their thoughts with VandyMania. Moses Osemwegie, Andrew Pace, Otis Washington, Trey Holloway, Kelechi Ohanaja and Herdley Harrison reflect on their careers and the season-ending victory.

Moses Osemwegie:

This is the greatest feeling I've ever had in my career at Vandy. I was asked the question all during the week, what was the highlight of my career here. I have now changed my answer. This is it! It's an absolutely great feeling, and hopefully it can happen on a more consistent basis for the guys in this program.

A lot of my friends were hoping that we could go to UT and win, so I was excited about that. It gives us a whole year's worth of bragging rights.

Looking back at the season now, it all just went by so fast. Those first four games might have been the greatest feelings I've had, emotionally. Then we went on a little slump, and that was bad. Then, in the last game, we bounced back.

The locker room was crazy afterwards. People jumping around, screaming, yelling... it was exciting.

Andrew Pace:

This is a great way to end the season and my career at Vanderbilt. I'm so excited for these seniors, and how we got to go out on a win against Tennessee, our arch-rival. It's really exciting for this program. I know it's just going to be all good for them. This program is going to excel. We're going to get some great recruits, I'm sure. I know the coaching staff is going to stay here and continue to work hard to make Vanderbilt a winning program. And we're already a winning program. I know good things are going to come in the future.

It was hard to know that if we had just won one of those four games that we were so close in, we would be going to a bowl right now. That's difficult to swallow right now. But the fact that we won the last game against Tennessee and prevented them from going to a bowl... that's exciting. That's something that I will never be negative or sad about.

The fact that we beat Tennessee at Tennessee is huge. Even though we're not going to a bowl, we're excited to win this game on a high note.

Otis Washington:

I'm just overjoyed. It's the first time we've beaten [Tennessee], and the first time any Vanderbilt team has beaten them in so long. I'm still on a high right now. I don't even know what to say. I'm glad we went out on top.

Trey Holloway:

I'm feeling so much joy right now. I'm so, so glad for everybody associated with this program. Guys are in there crying in the locker room, equipment managers crying. So many people are so happy for this to happen for us.

I'm so glad for the guys that will be back. To know they can come in to places like this in this conference and win football games is going to be a great thing for this program.

What we really wanted as our payoff was a bowl game. We didn't get that. But to be able to get this, on the road, was so great. I talked to Robert Dinwiddie last night. He said, this last game will stick with you forever. Whatever you do, you'll remember it until you get a job and a family. He said, that's why you've got to give it your all. We did, and it's a great memory to leave Vanderbilt football with.

Kelechi Ohanaja:

This is a great way to go out! Twenty-three years we haven't beat UT. To come in there and beat them on their home field... BIG. Real big. I think this kind of puts us over as a program. Even though we didn't make a bowl game, we did make vast improvement that will carry over into next year.

Herdley Harrison:

On that last play, I was able to get a hit on the quarterback. I didn't even know the ball was intercepted until after the game. I just hit [the quarterback]. I could just tell by the crowd reaction that we had won the game, so I was happy.

It means a lot. We weren't able to go to a bowl game this year. We came up one short. But this was our bowl game, and we were able to pull it out. Top Stories