Well, the people in Hell are happy this week. Vandy beat UTK in football and Hell promptly froze over. They're hoping for a further respite this week when UTK plays at Kentucky. Looking back over the year's picks, I did pretty well. Oddly, the teams I follow most closely are the teams I missed the most. Five Vandy picks went down the tubes, and 3 UTK picks, proving once again that a detached analytical attitude is both desirable and impossible.

(4-2 last week, 59-18 overall)

Arkansas @ LSU (Friday) – No problem for the Bengal Tigers. Both teams had a week off to prepare (no, wait, they played Mississippi and Mississippi State ), well, a virtual week off. LSU is the better team by far and will prevail. LSU 28 – 13.

Mississippi @ Mississippi State – A game for bragging rights in Mississippi and little else. Ole Miss is bad, Mississippi State is worse. Rebs 17 – 13.

Florida State @ Florida – Two once-great programs fallen on semi-hard times. Virtually a pick'em game. FSU is marginally better than the Gators, but the swamp tilts the playing field towards the Reptiles. Florida 27 – 24.

Georgia @ Georgia Tech – Before watching the Tech defense rattle and destroy Miami last week, I would have said Georgia for sure. Now I'm not so sure. Georgia may have the better team, but Georgia Tech has a far better fight song. Ramblin' Wreck 17-14.

UTK @ Kentucky - Vandy's position in the traditional SEC East toilet bowl is being filled by UTK this year. UTK is one of the most inexplicable stories in college football this year. They are really bad, but with seeming world-class talent. Kentucky, on the other hand, is just really bad. In a game for absolutely none of the marbles the large orange and several presumably helmetless Vols should destroy the Mildcats. UTK 42-14.

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