VandyMania talks with Justin Green's coach

VandyMania spoke with Hugh Fountain who is the head coach of the powerful Charles Henderson High School football team in Troy, Ala. One of Fountain's players is recent Vanderbilt commit Justin Green. Coach Fountain talked about the play of Justin Green and his recruitment to Vanderbilt.

Justin Green (6-7, 210, 4.7 forty)
Troy, Ala. (Charles Henderson)

"He's a good player. He played wide receiver for us. We haven't played with a tight end much. They are going to move him to tight end at Vanderbilt. He's a very good student. Never played football until this year. Just a good athlete."

Coach Fountain talked about how he convinced Green to come out for football.

"We tried to get him out before and he wasn't really big into sports. He played a little basketball here. Last year he ran track for us and I'm the track coach and I'd stayed on him and kept trying to get him out to play because I knew he was a good kid, really smart. We had a very good quarterback coming back with a couple of good receivers. We were just thinking ‘hey, if we can get him to play, that'll just give us another good receiver to play with us.' We finally talked him into coming out. He came out in the spring. He really didn't look that great in the spring, just a big kid, but he came out in the spring game and made a couple of just great catches in the game and we said ‘man, he could just be a great player for us.' He came back in the summer and got better. He got involved in weight lifting and the 7 on 7. He just got better. He finished up the year really strong. He got better and better as the season went on." said coach Fountain.

Green went on to have 28 catches for 310 yards and 4 touchdowns for Charles Henderson in his first year playing football.

The Charles Henderson coach explained how Vandy found Green.

"Vandy came down and looked at a kid, DeMonte King, a safety for us. They are recruiting him but have not offered him yet, but they are recruiting him. That night in that ball game Justin had a great game. I think they said ‘Here's a kid, 6-7; no one knows anything about him. He's a very good athlete. No telling what he could be in two or three years.'"

Coach Charlie Fisher recruited Justin Green for Vanderbilt.

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