Cleveland DE heading south to Vandy

"He [Reilly Lauer] came in about 5 minutes ago and told me he committed to Vanderbilt," said St. Ignatius head coach Chuck Kyle. Coach Kyle gave VandyMania a scouting report on Lauer and talked about how he might be utilized at Vanderbilt.

Reilly Lauer (6-7, 240, 4.9)
Cleveland, Ohio (St Ignatius)

Why do you think Reilly chose Vanderbilt?

"He and the family are very academic oriented. They wanted to make sure that this was an excellent school. They certainly enjoyed their visit at Vanderbilt. It's a beautiful place, they felt very comfortable, I know that. It's a great challenge, the league they're in and they realize he'll be playing in some huge football games. It just seemed exciting."

Describe Reilly as a player.

"He's about 6-7, 238. Last year he played defensive end. This year he played defensive end and offensive tackle. I think that opened up a lot of people's eyes. I think they could project him a few years from now as 6-7, 290 being a defensive end for offensive tackle, particularly as a left offensive tackle where he can protect the blind side of the quarterback. You need a pretty athletic guy there with a long reach and he has that. He could play several positions. Several. There's been a late surge about this young man and he's decided on Vanderbilt."

How do you think the Vandy staff will utilize Lauer?

"Well, I think he'd go in there first of all and do what he'd want to. If he wanted to start working on defense I think they probably would say fine. I think in the back of their minds they may have the idea, 'We'll see how that works,' but offensive tackle would be a good choice also. It wouldn't shock me if he ended up on offense because I think with some patience he could be very special there."

"When you see a player 6-7 and he is as athletic as Reilly is, Reilly is also a Lacrosse player, he plays in the middle there so he has to run around quite a bit. He's very athletic for being 6-7 and I think that attracts a lot of attention."

What other schools have offered Reilly?

"Kansas has offered him. Miami (Ohio) has offered him. Several teams in the MAC; Toledo, Kent, and Ball State. Virginia and Wake Forest were hoping that he could take a late visit there and then they could see if they had a couple of scholarships open because they waited a while and had gotten a number of commitments and they are not sure if they'll be a scholarship left for him."

What were his senior statistics?

"He had 58 tackles, 6 of those were quarterback sacks. He had 12 quarterback hurries. On the offensive line he ended up grading out at 92 percent, which is pretty good because this was the first year he was starting at it. With each week he became better and better and he became probably our best offensive lineman. That's really pretty good because a number of guys started last year."

Reilly is the 16th player to commit verbally to Vanderbilt for the class of 2006. National signing day is February 1. Click here to see a complete list of Vanderbilt commits.

Reilly Lauer #65. Photo courtesy of

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