VU athletes host city first graders for party

On Friday morning, Vanderbilt student athletes hosted the annual Holiday Party for first graders from the Metro Nashville public schools. Sandwiched between the last day of classes on Thursday and final exams, the party has been a tradition for years.

Every year, the student athletes pool their own money to buy gifts for all of the children who come to the party and do the shopping and gift wrapping themselves. Whitney D shares these photos from the event.

The doors to the practice gym are open for the special guests.

The empty chair awaits the arrival of Santa Claus.

Dan Cage (men's basketball)

Santa Claus greets each child.


Cherish Stringfield and Tina Wirth (women's basketball)

Women's bowling

Dee Davis and Caroline Williams (women's basketball)


Mario Moore plays the game of Life.

Hmmm . . Santa Claus looks a lot like Nigel Seaman (football).

Women's tennis

Women's lacrosse

Candice Lightford, Jen Risper, and Amy Malo
(women's basketball)

Amy Bauman, Meredith Kohn, and Audrey Nonemaker
(women's soccer)

Shan Foster (men's basketball)

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