Alan Strong comments on visit to Vandy

Vanderbilt commit Alan Strong, rated the #75 prep cornerback nationally by, visited Vanderbilt over the weekend. Strong talked to VandyMania about the visit, other players, commits and prospects he met at Vandy.

Alan Strong (5-9, 164, 4.63 forty)
Atlanta, Ga. (Douglas High School)

How was the visit?

"It was one of the best times of my life. When I first got there I went up to my hotel room, at the Marriott, opened the door and there's Vanderbilt stuff everywhere. I went to the window and you could see the stadium. It was dark outside and the lights were on. It was real nice. Then we went over to the clinic, they took my height and weight; I was 5-9, 164. We went back and we ate a marvelous dinner, then they introduced us and our families."

"They showed us the dorm rooms. I met a lot of players. They are very nice and easy to get along with. I played some video games; I beat them a little bit. I won two games and lost two games. I played Halo II. I thought I was pretty good but I'm nowhere near as good as I thought. I played Alex Washington in NCAA '06 and I played Derrius Dowell from my school. I looked at the campus, the weight room and the locker room. It's everything that I need."

Did you meet any prospects or fellow commits?

"We tried to recruit Vandaral (Shackleford), I've been playing with him since I was 6 years old, I tried to get him down there but I think he committed to Duke. I met Kikko Logan, Jared Funk, Nathan Campbell; real nice guy, I got along with him very well."

Are you more excited about going to Vanderbilt now?

"Well, I was 110 percent when I committed. A lot of teams tried to come up late; Florida State tried to come up late, Georgia Tech tried to come up late, but I said 'I'm going with who recruited me first.' They tried to get a little tape from me but I told them I was sticking with Vandy. I already had offers from Duke, Kent State, Purdue, Bowling Green and Vanderbilt so I had like 5 or 6 offers."

"I'm going to try to come down for summer school. I think I have a good chance at a starting position if I gain a little weight. I need to gain about 10 pounds."

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