Mike Boyle update

VandyMania talked with lineman Mike Boyle of The Hun School. Over the weekend Boyle visited Maryland. Find out how that visit went and how the commitment of Hun teammate Turner Wimberly to Vanderbilt affects the Nashville school's standing among schools he is considering.

Mike Boyle (6-7, 270)
Princeton, N.J. (The Hun School)

How was his visit to Maryland?

"I was really impressed with what it had. I was real pleasantly surprised. I like how they want me to come in at the semester. That would give me a great jump-start. I like how they would let me play pretty much any position on the line. Even though I'm 6-6 they said I'm really athletic so I could do that. The academics are really good. I didn't realize how high the standards were. Coach Friedgen's really strict on the grades. I was impressed with that."

Boyle is excited about his visit to Maryland but he took a visit to Northwestern last week and enjoyed that too. Who does Boyle have offers from?

"I have offers from Purdue, Maryland, Vanderbilt, Duke, Northwestern, Syracuse, and Connecticut."

What are the most important things Boyle is looking for in a school?

"The balance of football and academics and how they correlate with one another."

Teammate Turner Wimberly recently committed to Vanderbilt. Does that have any bearing on his decision?

"We're real good friends. That has run through my mind. Plus Vanderbilt is a really good school. It would be really nice to have someone you were post grad with on your football team."

What school is he favoring?

"That's a good question. Right now it's pretty much a tie between Maryland, Northwestern and Vanderbilt. I still have to see Vanderbilt. I went down there last year but it was on an unofficial. This will be an official."

Boyle will visit Vandy on January 13th.

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