Peiser: No-calls benefited Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt defeated the University of New Orleans, 78-72 on Tuesday night. VandyMania's Howell Peiser attended the game and files these observations.

Here are the +/- points and minutes played for each player in tonight's Vanderbilt-UNO matchup.

Derrick Byars +1 in 24 minutes
Dan Cage +2 in 7 minutes
DeMarre Carroll -1 in 27 minutes
Shan Foster +1 in 37 minutes
Alex Gordon +4 in 16 minutes
Alan Metcalfe +4 in 5 minutes
Davis Nwankwo +4 in 5 minutes
Ted Skuchas +11 in 19 minutes
Julian Terrell +4 in 30 minutes

Once again Ted Skuchas led the team in +/- points and in +/- points per minutes played. He held Parker in check, and when he was on the bench Parker scored the bulk of his points.

Leave it to Coach Stallings to throw a major curve ball tonight. After detailing how Vandy's offense works, he changes offenses on us. For at least half of the game, Vandy ran the offense Dick Bennett used at Wisconsin--The Blocker-Mover offense.

I guess I will have to prepare another tutorial if this offense becomes part of the game plan.

In general, I was halfway impressed with Vandy's tempo tonight. Double digit steals contributed greatly to the pace, but there were several possessions where the ball and the players moved at a brisk pace. The shots just didn't fall tonight.

The team looked like they were not prepared for the Privateers' 2-3 zone. The ball didn't make it to the high post, where the zone could be defeated. Vandy performed much better against the 1-3-1 by flattening out the zone.

The one big liability is the perimeter defense. Too many times, our 1, 2, and 3's were beaten on the drive. That will spell disaster against the better SEC guards. As much as he disdains it, Coach Stallings may have to consider using some form of zone defense more than he planned.

When Vandy went to the press late in the game, you could see the Commodore players kick it up a notch and hustle more. It didn't produce much, but it woke up the players at the most important time.

Vandy didn't just perform below their potential. Much kudos go to Monte Towe for having UNO ready to play. They played well above their talent level and would have won this game on a neutral floor with fouls being called the same way at both ends. The refs let some of our players assault their players without calling fouls. The crucial possession in the final minutes, when UNO could have cut the lead to three points ended with Julian Terrell doling out a forearm shiver without being whistled.

I thought it was ironic that the Privateers ran the backdoor off flex action with McNeilly successfully finding the cutter time and time again. Top Stories