Jonathan Massey is down to three

Jonathan Massey (TE, Gautier, MS) -'s #38 nationally rated tight end has canceled his Clemson visit and will make a final decision between Ole Miss, USM, and Vandy shortly after the dead period is over.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Massey:

What is the latest with your recruitment? "I have just been taking some officials. I went to Ole Miss (12/2), Vandy (12/9), and USM (12/16) this month."

Which visit felt the most at home? "All of them did, really, but I guess you could say USM because they are so close to home."

Does that put USM in the lead? "No, not at all, I would put all three of those schools on the same playing field right now. They are all even."

Ole Miss had been your leader for months; what happened? "Now that I have been to all of the other schools, I got a chance to see what they had to offer. Before, I had only been to Ole Miss, so they had the advantage. Now they are all three on a level field."

Who do you visit next? "I canceled my Clemson visit. USM was my last visit."

Do you have a time frame on a decision? "It will be a couple of days after New Years."

What are you going to base your decision on? "For one, where I feel comfortable. Two, early playing time. Three, who has a good academic reputation? Four, where do I feel at home? And five, I want to play in an offense where I can get the ball."

You stated you felt most at home at USM; does that give Southern the edge in where you feel the most comfortable? "No, I would not say it gives them the edge. I just said it felt the most at home because it is so close , but they all made me feel comfortable and a part of their family while I was on their visits."

Who gives you the best opportunity for early playing time? "They are pretty much all about the same. I have a great chance to get a lot of playing time in my first year . They have all pretty much said that."

In your research; who realistically gives you the best shot at early playing time? "They are all in a position to use another tight end. Ole Miss did not use a tight end much last year. They want to bring in someone who can stretch the field and block. At USM, they have a super tight end who is only a sophomore, but they want to go to a two tight end set. Their other tight end who was real athletic, graduated, so I can be that guy to take his place. They want to have two tight ends who can stretch the field, and they only have one right now. At Vandy, they use their TE more like a FB. Not exactly like a fullback, but somewhat like one. They call it an H-Back. Their starting H-Back will be a senior next year. He missed a couple of games last year because he was hurt, and they want someone they feel comfortable with if he goes down again."

Who has the best academic reputation? "All of them have a lot to offer. Vandy has a great school. I want to major in Sports Medicine, and they told me they have one of the Top 10 Children's hospitals in the world. That says a lot about their medical program, period. At USM, they have an accredited Sports Medicine program. Vandy does not, and I do not think Ole Miss' is either. I am not sure about Ole Miss, but I know Vandy's program is not accredited. They really shocked me when I asked them, and they said theirs was not. They told me they had it set up where you get your HOD. It makes your degree more versatile. You can do more with your degree with the way they have it set up, according to them. But, I really want to be in an accredited Sports Medicine program."

Which school feels more at home? "I really could not give you an answer. They all feel at home. Just being with their players, coaching staffs, and their general people at their school and town was geat during my visits. They all felt at home, really."

Who is going to get you the ball the most? "USM, after watching their bowl game on Tuesday, they definitely could. I have watched Vandy on TV several times, and they get the ball a lot to their TE's. Ole Miss has not for what ever reason, but Coach Orgeron assured me that their tight ends will be very involved in his offense from now on."

Which coaching staff has made you feel the most wanted? "Ole Miss has hands down. Ole Miss has been there since, man, since I went to their Jr Day last February. They offered me on that Monday. They have flooded my mailbox with letters and call me every chance they get. Ole Miss has by far."

Is that important to you? "Yea, that means a lot. That means a whole lot."

You did not mention this as being a factor when it comes decision time; where does this fall in your pecking order of factors? "Honestly, I could not really tell a specific spot. But, it will make a big difference in my decision, a big difference. I can tell you that."

How is your torn MCL coming around? "I am going to the doctor on Tuesday, and he said he was going to clear me so I can go back out there and start playing again."

Massey carries a 3.5 GPA / 23 ACT. Top Stories