SEC Hoops Ratings for January 7, 2006

Howell Peiser shares with us his updated SEC ratings system and makes a prediction for all SEC basketball matchups this weekend.

As Conference play begins Saturday, let's take a look at how the various computer ratings show the teams to be faring.
For those unfamiliar to these rankings, these are a weighted average of a minimum of seven and a maximum of 14 rankings available to me, 12 of which are available for free to the public if you search on the Internet.  I have attempted to supply a weighting based on the success of these ratings in picking the final score of SEC games played to date.  For instance, one of the ratings picked Georgia Tech to beat Vanderbilt by nine points.  Earlier in the season, one rating gave Vandy a 50-point edge over New Orleans.  Guess which rating is not being used to predict the Vanderbilt-Auburn game?
This week, I am using just the seven most accurate ratings to date.  The ratings do not bode well for Vanderbilt, as the Commodores are now mired in the basement of the SEC East after losing by nine to Georgia Tech.  Georgia jumped over them after Tuesday night because the Bulldogs clobbered the Yellow Jackets by 16 earlier in the season.
Here is the way the conference ratings look prior to Saturday's Games:
SEC East
1. Florida                      91
2. Tennessee                84
3. Kentucky                 83
4. South Carolina          80
5. Georgia                    79
6. Vanderbilt                77
SEC West
1. Arkansas                  81
1. L S U                        81
3. Auburn                     78
4. Alabama                   76
5. Mississippi St.          73
5. Ole Miss                  73
Predictions based on these ratings (home court advantage factored in)
Kansas 71  Kentucky 66
Connecticut 81  LSU 69
Florida 79  Georgia 71
Arkansas 69  Ole Miss 66
Alabama 73  Mississippi St. 65
Vanderbilt 67  Auburn 63
South Carolina 79  Tennessee 78 (Sunday)
According to this weighted average, Vanderbilt would be figured to go just 5-11 in SEC play if all the games were to be played this Saturday. Top Stories