Kevin Stallings media comments

Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings spoke with he media today. The coach commented on possible changes that might be implemented during the off week. Stallings also commented on Bruce Pearl and the Florida Gators.

Kevin Stallings: We're coming off a good victory. We played well on Saturday and bounced back nicely from a tough day on our previous game. We were pleased with the way we played on Saturday for the most part certainly it gave us some positives to have going into the week off. I think the week off is always an interesting time. I think it provides an opportunity to really to make any changes that you are going to make for the remainder of your season if you've got some significant schematic things that you want to do. Hopefully this will be a good week for us and a week that we can utilize the time to get better and also, we've to some guys that are banged up, get them well, so we are looking forward to it.

Media: Do you have any schematic changes or things in mind that you plan to do this week? Any tinkering? Anything going on?

KS: We certainly some things that we think we can modify and maybe add and in some cases take away. I think this opportunity to decide what fits your team the best and maybe make any additions and deletions that you need to. Hopefully we can be proficient in the things that we do that way and make some good decisions and again utilize the time to fundamentally get better and be better at the things that will continue to be a part of what we are.

Media: As you look ahead to Florida for Saturday, can you talk about just the year they've had. [Inaudible]. How have they been able to just reload the way they have?

KS: I think Billy has created a mind set down there, first of all they recruit very well every year and they get highly recruited player. I think that guys go there with the expectation to be good. I think that their team this year has really bought into coaching. I think that as you watch them play they have a commitment to playing defense, every possession of every game. A commitment to sharing the ball, a commitment to playing hard with great effort and energy. His teams have played well defensively in past, they've played together in the past and they've played hard in the past but I don't know that they've done all three in the past with the consistency of this team.

Media: It seems like you are really going to be tested over the next few weeks. I was wondering what you think about that stretch.

KS: You are right, we've got a difficult stretch coming up. 3 of our next four are on the road and even when we come back home, I think we come back home to Kentucky and Florida. It is a difficult stretch but at the same time we play the same essentially 16 game schedule that everybody else in our division plays. You play them when you get to them. We can't worry about the difficulty of them, we have to take advantage of the opportunities that we have; when we have an opportunity to win, we need to capitalize on it and continue to get better as a team, just do the best that we can. If we focus on how difficult a stretch is or how many road games we have or who we are playing or whatever then you get lost in things you have no control of. We have to control the few things that we can control and hopefully that's how much better we can and how hard we work.

Media: Go back to March when Tennessee hired Bruce Pearl. I'm sure you are somewhat familiar with how his Milwaukee teams played. Do you remember having any pre conceived notion on how well his system would play in the SEC or if it would or would not?

KS: I think that my knowledge of Bruce has more to do with when he was an assistant at Iowa and I was an assistant at Purdue. We competed against them for years. I'm familiar with how he coaches and always have been and always admired it. It's a lot different than how a lot of people coach but it's very effective. I think that Bruce's style causes you to do what some other styles, hopefully, maybe a little bit what our style does in some regards, every once in a while when you are playing someone where you are forced to change the principals on how you play or you're forced to go against the things you ordinarily teach. I think that's one of the big challenges of playing Tennessee or when he was at Milwaukee or Iowa. They force you to do things that go against some of the principals that you teach and commonly taught principals of basketball.

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