Scouting Report: Chris Bush

Offensive lineman Chris Bush has committed over the weekend. VandyMania spoke with Rogers high school head coach Gene Bowen who gives Vanderbilt fans a scouting report on this versatile lineman.

OL, Chris Bush (6-5, 280)
(Rogers HS) Puyallup, Wash.

The verbal:

"He's committed to Vanderbilt. He tripped over there over the weekend," said Rogers high school (Puyallup, Wash) head coach Gene Bowen. The coach continued, "Vanderbilt looked at some film of him just a couple weeks ago and got pretty excited about him so they made some arrangements to get him out there and take a look around. It sounded like everything went really well . . . they made some phone calls and made it happen in a hurry."

Scouting Chris Bush:

"It's going to be good; I think he's going to do real well. They are projecting him to be a tackle. He's about 6-5, 280 right now. I think he's going to end up, and I'm sure they are projecting him to be, a good, solid, 300 pound plus player. Good size frame, long arms; so they liked that initially. He's got pretty good technique. Still a little raw and can be refined a little bit but has some tools that they are going to have to work with. I'm sure they are excited about that. On film I'm sure they saw that he has a little bit of a nasty edge to him every now and then. Hard competitor up front in the trenches there and I think that probably was attractive to them as well. He's a good student though too as well so, of course, going back there he'd better be pretty sharp. You've got a number of things going on that all point in a positive direction. They have some academic standards as well as he's looking to play some good football."

On Indiana's offer:

"It was a little while back. Indiana is nice and Chris liked it and didn't commit right off the bat and Indiana said 'no problem.' They were looking for a number of linemen at Indiana and indicated that they had offered quite a few kids. They still may come in there and throw out an offer but I kind of doubt it now that he has committed. When kids start making the commitments and then the slots kind of filling up, you know you make 12 offers for 8 spots, there only so much to go around. There isn't any bad blood there or anything like that, it's just the timing."

Bush is Vanderbilt's 21st commit. National signing day is Feb. 1. To see an up-to-date list of Vanderbilt's commitments, click HERE.

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