Vanderbilt offers Decatur point guard

VandyMania has learned that talented junior point guard Rico Pickett has been offered by the Vanderbilt staff. Rico talked with VandyMania last night about his thoughts on Vanderbilt.

PG Rico Pickett (6-2, 170, class of 2007)
Decatur high school (Decatur, Ala.)

VandyMania: Rico, has Vanderbilt offered you?
Rico Pickett: Yes they have, along with Alabama and Iowa State.

VandyMania: How is Decatur doing so far this year?
Rico Pickett: We are 16-6. We're all right. Pretty good.

VandyMania: How are you doing statistically this season?
Rico Pickett: I average 20 points, 8 assists and 6 boards.

VandyMania: Do you have a visit planned to Vanderbilt?
Rico Pickett: Yes, I'm going to visit during the summer. I will visit Alabama and Iowa State in March.

VandyMania: What's the Vanderbilt staff telling you?
Rico Pickett: I just started talking to them a couple weeks ago. They are telling me that I'll be pretty good in their system and they want me.

VandyMania: Have you seen Vanderbilt play this year?
Rico Pickett: Yes I have. I like them.

VandyMania: So do you think they are like your favorite?
Rico Pickett: They are one of them. I'm highly considering them.

VandyMania: What are the things your are looking for in a school?
Rico Pickett: Good guard play and somewhere I can get my education. Top Stories