Interview: Signee Austin Monahan

VandyMania talked with Austin Monahan who is a very impressive tight end signee from North Carolina. Monahan was one of the last to sign with Vanderbilt on signing day and gives us a brief on how his signing came about.

Don Yates: Austin, tell us about your recruitment to Vanderbilt? How did it go. It was kind of late.
Austin Monahan: Yeah, it was kind of late. A month before signing date coach Belin called me back and said that "we had the whole staff look at your tape and everyone just loved it. We want to get you up here next weekend." The whole process was really great and amazing. They did a really good job at everything. I went up there the next weekend and as I had before on my previous visit I just fell in love. The campus, the team, the coaching staff and the facilities plus the academics are top notch. I felt it was the right match for me.

Don Yates: Did they pair you up with a current player while you were up there?
Austin Monahan: Yes, Tom Welch.

Don Yates: How did the Vanderbilt staff tell you you'd be utilized?
Austin Monahan: They said that there is a possibility that I could be a lineman just because of my height. They said that they "see me as a tight end and hope that you can fit in as a tight end and think that you are going to be a great tight end and that's what we want you to play, but just because of your height, if for whatever reason it doesn't work out it's possible I could change to lineman." I really see myself as a tight end and I think they do too.

Don Yates: Do you think you are going to gain more weight?
Austin Monahan: Yes sir, that won't be a problem. I'm 235 right now and I want to go into Vanderbilt a solid 245 and really fast. The weight, I won't even think about it. It'll come naturally. I'll just eat like crazy. I have a high metabolism.

Don Yates: What do you think the biggest strengths are in your game?
Austin Monahan: I can run a route fast and catch pretty well.

Don Yates: So you originally visited Vanderbilt the first time when?
Austin Monahan: The Sunday after the LSU game.

Don Yates: What were some of your stats in high school?
Austin Monahan: As a linebacker I had 88 tackles, 1 interception, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 recovered fumble. As a tight end I had 8 catches for 88 yards and 1 touchdown. I played 7 games out of 12 as a tight end and all games as a linebacker.

Don Yates: What is your forty speed?
Austin Monahan: I've got a 4.8.

Don Yates: What postseason honors did you get?
Austin Monahan: I was selected to play in the Carolina Shrine Game.

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