March Madness Quiz

With the field of 65 now selected, I have selected my trivia field of 65. Try your hand at these questions. Some will be simple, but some will require either some research or a vastly competent knowledge of the NCAA Tournament.

The answers will be posted in a few days.

1. The first jump shooter in major college basketball led his team to the NCAA title. Who was he?

      a. Hank Luisetti—Stanford

      b. George Kaftan—Holy Cross

      c. Bob Cousy—Holy Cross

      d. Kenny Sailors—Wyoming

      e. Don Schlundt—Indiana

2. Who was the first undefeated national champion?

a. Wisconsin in 1943

b. Kentucky in 1949

c. Indiana in 1953

d. San Francisco in 1956

e. North Carolina in 1957

3. Which national champ won both their semi-final and championship games in triple overtime, playing 110 minutes in the Final Four?

a. LaSalle in 1954

b. North Carolina in 1957

c. California in 1959

d. Cincinnati in 1962

e. Loyola of Chicago in 1963

4. Which school first made it to five consecutive Final Fours?

a. Kentucky

b. North Carolina

c. Duke


e. Cincinnati

f. Ohio State

g. Indiana

5. Which school first made it to three consecutive Final Fours two different times?

a. Ohio State

b. Oregon

c. Stanford

d. Oklahoma A&M

e. New York U.

f. Bradley

g. City College of New York

6. Which national champ placed nobody on their conference's all league 1st or 2nd teams, yet beat the teams with two best players in the nation and two of the best of all time in the semi-finals and finals?

a. Wisconsin in 1943

b. Kansas in 1952

c. Kentucky in 1958

d. California in 1959

e. Texas Western in 1966

7. Name those two great players and their respective teams that lost to the correct answer in #6.

8. Which NCAA champ was the first to shoot better than 50% from the field for that season?

a. Ohio State in 1960

b. UCLA in 1965

c. UCLA in 1967

d. UCLA in 1972

e. Indiana in 1976

9. Which national champ was the first to average better than 80 points per game for that season?

a. Kentucky in 1951

b. Indiana in 1953

c. Ohio State in 1960

d. Loyola of Chicago in 1963

e. UCLA in 1964

10. Who was the first national champ to win their championship game by 20 points?

a. Kentucky in 1948

b. Kentucky in 1951

c. San Francisco in 1955

d. Ohio State in 1960

e. UCLA in 1967

11. Which venue hosted the most Final Fours?

a. Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City

b. Freedom Hall (Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center) in Louisville

c. Los Angeles Sports Arena

d. Houston Astrodome

e. Madison Square Garden (the prior one at 50th St. & 8th Ave.)

f. Cole Field House in College Park, MD

g. Louisiana Superdome

Now for questions without multiple choice answers:

12-14. In the early days of the NCAA Tournament, the Eastern Press used their literary clout to keep the NIT number one in prestige. That began to change when the NCAA champ beat the NIT champ in a post-season game for the benefit of the Red Cross. Which NCAA champ beat the NIT champ in this clash of giants? Name the giant centers for the winner and for the loser?

Q. What were these great Kentucky players' collective team nicknames?

15. Louie Dampier, Pat Riley, Larry Conley, Tommy Kron, Thad Jaracz

16. Vernon Hatton, Johnny Cox, Ed Beck, John Crigler, Adrian Smith

17. Ralph Beard, Alex Groza, Wallace "Wah Wah" Jones, Cliff Barker, Kenny Rollins

18. John Pelphrey, Deron Feldhaus, Richie Farmer, Sean Woods

19-20. Which big man scored 31, 44, 33, and 33 points in his team's march to the NCAA Title? Which bench warmer on that team went on to direct another school to two national titles?

Q. This national champ saw all five of its starters play in the NBA. While this was not the first time this happened, one of these starters went to the same high school and was best friends with a future 300-win pitcher in the Major Leagues. 

21-25. Can you name the starting five basketball players

26-27. Which of these basketball players and which pitcher were teammates and friends?

28. Which national title game first saw teams from the same state play?

29. In which national title game did the team with the nation's best offensive scoring average beat the team with the nation's best defensive scoring average?

30. Prior to UCLA winning 38 consecutive NCAA tournament games from 1964 to 1974, which was the last team to beat them in the tournament?

31. Which national title team outscored their championship opponent 16-0 in a 2 minute and 34 second stretch in the first half to put the game away?

32. Which player first scored 40 or more points in the national title game? 

33. This player in #32 did not win the Most Outstanding Player award. Who did, and what did he do to win it?

34. Following the 1965 national title won by UCLA over Michigan, Lew Alcindor began to change his mind about going to another school and moved UCLA to the top of his list. Can you name the runner-up school that lost his services?

35. Who was the former NBA star and hall of famer who would have been Alcindor's coach if he had not gone to UCLA?

36-38. Now, can you name the other three schools that were on Alcindor's final list?

39-40. When Texas Western shocked the world and beat Kentucky in 1966, tiny guard Bobby Joe Hill stole the ball twice in a row from different Wildcat players and scored lay-ups to take the steam out of the Cats. In order, which two players did he steal the ball from?

41. In this lopsided championship game which losing team started out 0 of 8 from the field, trailed 20-4 in the opening 10 minutes, and were down 76-47 before the winning team's coach pulled his starters?

Q. Three great dominant big men led their teams to the national title with such impressive fashion that the NCAA changed the rules of the game.

42. Who forced the NCAA to establish rules about goaltending?

43. Who forced the NCAA to widen the lane and create the 3-second rule?

44. Who forced the NCAA to outlaw the dunk shot?

45. Which undefeated and top-ranked team lost by 32 points in the national semi-finals after trailing by as much as 44 points to the second-ranked team and eventual national champs?

46. What National Championship game team featured a starting front line of players that were 7-02 and 7-00 and a top reserve who was 6-10? 

47-49. One of those seven-footers and a hot-shooting guard on that team from #46 had nicknames from a popular TV show and the comic books. Who were the two players and their nicknames?

50-52. In one semi-final game, this team's head coach and top assistant got into a heated verbal argument on the bench during the game, and it had to be broken up by a player on the team. The assistant coach left after that season and immediately put his new team in the Final Four the next year. The player who broke up the fight also became a head coach at his Alma Mater's arch-rival. Name the three people involved.

53. Which NCAA Champion finished the season with the highest ever scoring margin of 30.3?

54. Which player played on back-to-back national championship teams, never started a game in college, yet became a 1st round draft choice in the NBA?

55. When was the last year the NCAA title game was played on a Saturday?

56. When Memphis State lost in the 1973 NCAA title game to UCLA, what did Tiger players Larry Finch and Billy Buford do to leave a lasting mark in Final Four history?

57. What was the first year more than one team per conference could go to the NCAA tournament? 

58. Which national champion won their title game by 30 points and scored more than 100 points for the only time in title game history?

59. What year saw two undefeated teams make the Final Four?

60. Who was the last player to score more than 40 points in the Championship game?

61. Who was the last team to make it to the NCAA Championship game undefeated?

62. Who was the last team to make it to the Final Four undefeated?

63-65. Name the three freshmen who have been named Most Outstanding player of the Final Four. Top Stories