Memphis LB: "I love Vandy"

Brandon Boykin (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the top prospects in Memphis has helped turn the White Station program around. The Spartans have now made the playoffs for the past three seasons after missing the prior two.

Brandon has been the key cog for their defense. He is the defensive signal caller due to his respect from his teammates and intelligence. This is evident by his 4.38 GPA/25 ACT and the fact that he has been a team captain for the past two seasons.

What does he do well on the field?

"My biggest strength has to be my speed (4.58 forty). I am able to cover a lot of ground quickly. I also tackle very well. I do not make the big hit but rarely do I miss a tackle. I also try to play aggressive. I get off of my blocks very quickly. This enables me to get to the backfield as soon as possible," added the very soft spoken Brandon Boykin.

And what will Boykin need to work on for the next level?

"The main thing I am trying to do is break down as much film as I possibly can so I can try and learn my opponents fundamentals. I am also running track to increase my speed and athleticism. You are always working on your strength too (335 bench/450 squat/35" vertical)."

The '05 All-Region pick has three schools who are currently recruiting him the hardest.

"The three main schools have to be Vandy, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss. They write and talk to me more than the others."

Which colleges are at the top of Brandon's list?

"Those three schools are definitely up there. I am getting recruited by Tennessee, but not as hard as those three. I love Tennessee. They are a childhood favorite of mine. I like North Carolina' academic reputation, and what they are trying to do with their football program. I am a real big Stanford fan. I like how they played against Notre Dame last year. I am basically trying to look at a lot of schools who hold a strong academic reputation and an up and coming football program. Tennessee does not fit that because they already have a dominate football program, but I think I could overlook that (laugh)."

Has Brandon ever visited the Ole Miss campus?

"I went down there last year to see them play LSU. I also went to their Jr Day a couple of weeks back. Coach Orgeron seems like he is really enthusiastic. I like his whole attitude of what he is trying to do down there. I also liked that he signed Brent Schaeffer. That told me that they are able to land the big time players."

Does Boykin follow how well the schools he is interested in recruit?

"Yes sir. I try to play close attention. I want to see who they are bringing in to see who I would compete against, but also who they are bringing in to help me win."

Which one is more important; winning or competition?

"I want them to bring in good players. I love competition. If they bring in high caliber players at my position, it will only make me better."

What stands out about MSU?

"I like Coach Croom being there. He sent me a media guide, and he has won everywhere he has been. I have also been in close contact with Coach Stringer. He is real personable. I am probably closer to him than anybody else. I have been trying to get to their campus, but I have not had a chance yet. I will soon though."

What about Vandy?

"I love Vandy. I had an opportunity to go as a freshman when we played a basketball game there. I also play basketball. They have a beautiful campus and Ivy league academics. They won 5 games last year, so they are getting real close to getting there. We also have two guys from White Station who play there. They tell me I would love it there."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I guess the number one thing would be how well I fit in, socially. You can have fun at any university, but I want to see how well I fit in with their city, teammates, and just how their players feel about that school. I want to be a doctor some day, so I will look at their Biology program. I will also look at their academic support and current state of their football program."

Brandon will attend the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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