East Tennessee LB will camp at Vandy

Shane Watson is a versatile linebacker from Carter High School in Stawberry Plains, Tennessee. Watson is getting early interest from several SEC schools, including Vanderbilt.

Shane Watson, Carter High School
Linebacker, (6-0, 232)

VandyMania: Shane, what primary position do you play?

Shane Watson: I play quite a bit of stuff but I'm a linebacker when it comes down to it. I've played all three linebacker positions since my freshman year. We run the Mike 7 wheel type defense, the strong side and the weak side, we go to the strength of the play; whatever the offense does. I've played a lot of stuff; I've played fullback on offense, I've played tight end. I just move around where ever the coach says. Pretty much on defense I've played linebacker. Sometimes in passing situations I play defensive end, for pass rushing.

VM: What are some of your strengths as a player?

SW: My size and I run well. I get to the ball quick. I have some speed. You can always improve but I'm pretty good in the run game and pass, it's not one sided. It's pretty well rounded but it can always get better.

VM: What exactly are you looking for in a school?

SW: I'm open to everybody. I'm just looking for somewhere I can go and make an impact.

VM: What schools are recruiting you right now?

SW: Last weekend we went to Mississippi State, to their junior day. Me and another one of our players went down there and went to their spring game. Shane Beamer who is Frank Beamer's son, the recruiting coordinator, said that they'd be getting back with us as soon as possible. We took tape down there. I went to the Rivals junior day in Atlanta. I've also been hearing from Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina and Georgia. A lot of people, you know, you get a lot of letters. Vanderbilt has sent me stuff for camps this summer. Mississippi State, they act like they are interested.

VM: Do you think you will visit Vanderbilt?

SW: Oh yeah; I'm definitely going to attend the Vandy camp.

VM: Do you have any offers yet?

SW: No, because I haven't got my ACT scores yet. I was scheduled to take this Saturday but they were too full so I have it rescheduled. I'm going to take it next month.

VM: What were some of your stats from last year?

SW: I had 78 tackles, 5 or 6 sacks, an interception and quite a few pass breakups. I couldn't tell you the exact number. I earned All-Region honors.

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