Interview: Adam Smotherman

Adam Smotherman gives us a scouting report on James Williams and talks about his off season coditioning program.

VandyMania: I heard you went to the spring game. What did you think?

Adam Smotherman: The defense [laughs] is kicking butt.

VM: I wanted to ask you about James Williams. What is he like?

AS: He's a big dude, about 6-6, 280. He's a pretty big guy. He's 6-6 but he's got a wing span of a 7 footer. His arms are so long. He's a good player, a hard worker. He and I are pretty close friends so it'll be good to be on the same team together for another 4 or 5 years.

VM: Did Vandy notice him while they were recruiting you?

AS: I'm not really sure. The first time I found out that they were recruiting him was over the summer, I went up to hang out at Vandy and Coach Cain had asked me "What do you know about James Williams?" and so we talked about him there. I guess Coach Shad [Smyrna head coach] had already been talking to him.

VM: Did you help them recruit him to Vandy?

AS: I put in a good word for him.

VM: But you didn't pressure him or anything like that? [laughs]

AS: I would mess with him a little bit, like whenever they offered, he said he was going to think about it a little bit so I'd leave him email messages and stuff and put like "VANDY" and then sign off. I wasn't pressuring him but I was messing with him a little bit. When he was taking a visit I told him "Yeah, you know you want to go to Vandy; you'll end up there." I didn't try to pressure him though. I told him I wanted him to make up his mind and I didn't want him to come to Vandy just for me.

VM: I heard you had a big workout program that Vandy sent you after you signed. Have you shown that to James yet?

AS: Yeah, I've shown it to him. We actually did a little bit of it together today. Mostly running. I did the workout part and he did the running. He wants to get started on that early and kind of have an advantage.

VM: What's your height and weight right now?

AS: I'm 6-4, about 255.

VM: I wanted to ask that because I knew you had been beefing up.

AS: Well, I'm actually losing fat and getting more lean. It's pretty cool.

VM: So you still going to be on the offensive line?

AS: I really don't know because I heard in some interviews with Coach Johnson where he was talking about me where he said 'he can play offensive line, tight end, he can line up on defense, he's versatile player.' . . . I'd love to play on the defensive line. Top Stories