Interview: Smyrna HC Philip Shadowens

VandyMania talked with Smyrna head coach Philip Shadowens about recent commit James Williams, signee Adam Smotherman and the 2006 Smyrna Bulldog outlook.

VandyMania: Please tell us a little about James Williams.

Philip Shadowens: He means a lot to our team, we got another year with him. He's just a junior, committed early. Of course our senior offensive lineman, Adam Smotherman, signed with Vanderbilt. James rated out behind him as our second highest rated lineman. He just gives you big bulk at the left tackle, which protects the backside of the quarterback a lot of times. He's 6-7, 290, has great feet and a long wingspan. He just means a lot to our football team and should be a dominating force going into his senior year.

VM: What do you think the Vanderbilt coaches liked about him?

PS: The first thing is he's 6-7, 290 pounds. He has plenty of room to fill out. He could probably hold 330 pounds easily. I know they'll put some weight and muscle on him. They saw his feet and they saw his fight in the game videos. They understand his up side is just unlimited. They thought he could be a great offensive tackle on the SEC level and I certainly think so too.

VM: As a coach who has had two players commit to Vanderbilt, what do you see about the Vanderbilt staff. Do you think they are getting it done over there?

PS: I think they took a big step last year and took some steps forward with some teams they were able to beat. I know Coach Johnson has always recruited good, high quality, high character kids. I think if you watch them on the field you'll see athletically they are getting better. Our kids are excited about the opportunity to go to Vanderbilt. I know Vanderbilt is excited about the direction that they are going in.

VM: I tell you, talking to both those kids, they are very well spoken, bright young men.

PS: That's what Vanderbilt wants. Vanderbilt wants great football players but also great students and high character kids. They definitely got that in Adam Smotherman and James Williams.

VM: So how is Smyrna looking for 2006?

PS: Pretty good. We've got another couple of prospects. We have a great junior class next year too. We only had 5 seniors last year that played and we got beat in the second round of the playoffs. We feel like the future is bright here. A couple of these kids that will be juniors next year, my quarterback and one of my receivers, may be two of the highest rated prospects in the state of Tennessee. We've never had a bunch of athletes here but we've always had 1 or 2 good ones. It seems like now we have a few more numbers so hopefully we'll be a pretty good football team.

VM: I heard you guys got a transfer from Oakland that is a pretty good wide receiver.

PS: Yeah, we did and he'll go good with a player we have named Rodriguez Wilks that I play on the weak side that is a sophomore. He's a going to be a really highly rated player. He's a 6-2, 200 pounder. The half brother of Marsalous Johnson who signed with Tennessee from here two years ago. He'll be a big time prospect. With the Youree kid (Sam Youree) coming in to play from Oakland on the other side it obviously gives us another weapon. We feel pretty good about that.

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