Photo Story: Jay Cutler Draft Party

After months of anticipation for former Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler, on Saturday the NFL draft finally arrived. He chose to spend the days in Nashville to celebrate the day with family, friends, teammates and fans. Whitney D shares these photos from the draft party that Vanderbilt fans will never forget.

The site of the party was Judge Bean's Bar-B-Que and Steak House, located just off Broadway in downtown Nashville.

The front room was packed with teammates and fans . . .

. . . and so was the dance hall, known as the "Judgement Hall, in the back. Jay and his family were sequested in a little room just off the back of the Judgement Hall.

Jay's former Vanderbilt teammates, including Marcus Buggs and Jared Fagan, watched the draft show as they waited to hear them call his name.

Each time a new selection was about to be announced, all eyes turned to the TVs.

While waiting for his selection, Jay spent most of the time in the back room, but he was able to spend a few minutes visiting with friends while teams were on the clock.

After the Denver Broncos selected Jay with the 11th overall pick, he took the stage and spoke briefly to the folks who had gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Then he greeted friends and his former teammates . . .

. . . including Trey Holloway and Herdley Harrison.

As the party continued, a band took the stage in the front room.

By a happy coincidence, Saturday was also Jay's 23rd birthday -- so of course there was a birthday cake to go along with a "Congratulations!!" cake.

Former Vanderbilt receiver MJ Garrett combined work and pleasure, as he was part of Fox Sports Net coverage of draft day. As the party-goers began to disperse, the camera was rolling as he was talked with Marcus Buggs, Stephen Bright and Kevin Joyce.

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