Tina Wirth's fun photo gallery

Last week freshman guard/forward Tina Wirth finished her final exams and flew home to Arizona with her freshman year behind her. By the end of the year, thanks to her ever-present digital camera, she had become the team's unofficial photographer. Before she left town, shared some of her favorite photos from the year with VandyMania's Whitney D.

In September, Tina posed with her fellow freshmen at the home of Assistant Coach Stephanie Norman. From left: Jen Risper, Tina, Amy Malo, and Holly Rogers.

A trip to the bowling alley in September was one of the first team outings of the year.

The team worked the kids zone before a football game in October.

Tina says that this photo of her roommate Jen at a football game in October does a pretty good job of capturing her personality.

On their trip to Arizona to open the season, the team posed for a photo. From left: Carla Thomas, Nicole Jules, Dee Davis, Amy Malo, Liz Sherwood, Tina Wirth, Jen Risper, Erica Grimaldi, Rachel Brockman, Holly Rogers, Cherish Stringfield, and Caroline Williams.

While in Arizona, the team toured a botanical garden where Carla demonstrated that this type of cactus is soft to the touch, not prickly.

In December, the team traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to play the North Carolina Tar Heels. Tina and Erica woke up early and braved the cold to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

After rehabbing her knee all through the fall following surgery in August, Jen was cleared to play for the North Carolina game, and Tina commemorated the occasion with a photo.

There wasn't much snow in January, and Jen and Tina didn't make the snowman, but when you're from Arizona or southern California, even a little snowman is a reason to pose for a photo.


At the Dance Marathon in February, Jen and Cherish had a turn in the sumo wrestler's suits.

In March, the team went out to dinner to celebrate Holly's and Jen's birthdays, which are only a couple of days apart.

There aren't many chances during the season for the team to get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant together, so the trip to the Stockyard before the NCAA tournament in March was a memorable one.

A trip to Dave and Busters' in March led to two pink guitars, a harmonica, and a concert on the bus by a band called "Random Beauty."

On Tina's birthday in April, Jen threw a party for her, including a cake and 19 signs for her 19 years.

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All photos courtesy of Tina Wirth.
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